Why You Must Watch Super Bowl 50 With Your Pup!




We have all the reasons why you must watch Super Bowl 50 with your pup! The barking Super Bowl 50 game is kicking off today between the NFL champion Carolina Panthers and AFC champion Denver Broncos. The globally watched game will start at 6:35 P/E on CBS at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Lady Gaga opens Super Bowl 50 singing “The Star-Spangled Banner”! Halftime entertainment will feature Bruno Mars will be joining Beyonce and Coldplay for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show!




Most Americans need no convincing to watch the televised event that epitomizes what it means to be American: The Super Bowl. Ever wonder where is the best place to be and who is the best company for this momentous game? We think the obviously best choice is right at home with your loyal pooch by your side! Why should your canine sidekick join in on the fun? Well….


Dogs don’t mind a little ruff-housing

American football is a dog-eat-dog sport full of sweaty men knocking each other to the ground chasing after a ball. Sound familiar? What kind of dog would want to miss out on that?! Even if your pooch hasn’t quite mastered all the rules and terms of the football world yet, the sport is still sure to get their tails waggin’!



I got it, I got it! Don't throw it, I'm on it!!
I got it, I got it! Don’t throw it, I’m on it!!



They bark with you, they howl with you

Did your team just do something incredible? You can bet your hound will be barking with gusto right along with you. If something absolutely as catastrophic as football can get happens, you’ll have a four-legged hug therapist at your service whose howls with match yours. It’s a win-win!

Your pup is always a good sport!
Your pup is always a good sport!


Even if the game has gone to the dogs…

Ouch! That game was painful. Your pal won’t rub it in your face, as long as you rub their furry belly, of course. Hug it out, buddy, because your dog will be there for unconditional support today, just like they are on all the other 364 days of the year.



Best friend come in all shapes and sizes!
Best friend come in all shapes and sizes!




Some people get more excited about the the Big Game than they do about Christmas or New Year’s. Every year, celebrations and viewing parties are thrown just for this glorified Sunday. Of course, an absolute must-have at this time of year is food. Lots of it. Nachos, chips, beer, soda, hot dogs… you name it, you’ve got it. Who loves food as much as you do and doesn’t judge your face-stuffing method of eating it? Your dog of course! Forget the pinkies-up rule and dig in! Don’t forget treats for you four-legged football aficionado too!



Party animal!
Party animal!



Show them your Fido-elity!

They saw you petting that other pup at the dog park the other day… Prove to your pooch that there’s no other special furry friend in your life by taking this time to hang out one-on-one. Show your canine companion that you are as doggedly loyal to them as they are to you! Who better to spend time with? Nobody.



I’m coming for you, bro!




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