Woof it Girl! Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day! – January 14th

national pet dress up day



Move over, Halloween! There’s a new favorite holiday in town! National Dress up Your Pet Day celebrates our furry, feathered, and scaled best friends! It’s a great way to promote adoption and help out your local animal businesses, while still having a good time with your pet! Time to bring out your pet’s inner fashionista! Remember NOT all pets like to be dressed up – so listen to your pets!  Animal Fair ONLY promotes dressing up your pet for a cause or a special occasion!   So in honor of our Founder Wendy Diamond who created the FIRST ever pet fashion show to support animal rescue… You’re almost ready to walk the runway, but first…

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There are just a few rules to the game:


1)   Don’t push your pets’ limits.

You don’t want to make your pet uncomfortable on a normal day, don’t make this holiday any different. Keep it simple, safe, and fun will be had all around. Otherwise, you’ll have a very cross kitty or a very pouty pooch… and that does NOT make for a good model shot!



Get...This... THING... OFF OF ME!



I am NOT a happy bunny.
I am NOT a happy bunny.


2)   Keep it safe.

Make sure however you dress up your pet doesn’t stop them from being able to see, hear, or move naturally! You don’t want them to overheat, or put themselves in danger because their senses are limited!


The costume below should probably be avoided:



dog bag on head
You think I’m paying attention… HA.



cat piñata on head
Who turned out the lights?


3)   Don’t trick, Just Treat!


Give your pet some goodies if they’re behaving and accommodating your dress up goals. They’re not used to wearing clothes like we are, so treating them will make them feel more comfortable with the novelty of the situation!






kitties dress up



So what are you waiting for?! Time to woof it, girl!



A woman walks her dog, dressed up in an
The people want me!


If you don’t have a pet to dress up… No worries visit your local shelter and ADOPT!

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