How To Tell If Your Puppy Is Ready To Sleep In Your Bed!

For many puppy parents, especially first time puppy parents, you get very protective over your pup and it is hard to leave their side!



For other new puppy parents, it is also hard to trust your puppy at night or home alone so teach them independence by crating them.



Meanwhile, while your puppy sleeps soundly in their crate, you can not wait to have that sweet snuggly pup cuddling you in bed! But when is the right time?



Here are some tips to help tell when it is time for puppy to sleep in bed with you!

1. The easiest way to tell if your pup is ready is if they are still too small and weak that it seems like you will squish them during your sleep! Similarly, the same goes for if it seems like your puppy could fall off the bed in the middle of the night and really hurt them self! Bottom line: don’t let your baby canine up on the bed yet if you don’t think they can fend for them self!



2. Your puppy is not crying during the night in their crate! If your pup shows independence in their crate and can be in there for up to four hours before fussing, your baby might be ready to move to the big bed! 


3. If your puppy is done with potty breaks during the night then they might be ready to move to the next level! Lets just say you definitely want your pup to be house trained before sharing a bed with you…

cocker spaniel puppy laying beside bucket and roll of paper towels on white background


4. Lastly, your puppy may never sleep in the bed and that is OK. Or your pup may only be able to share the bed with you for a little bit before they’re full grown! I know that it is hard to resist your big slobbery pup the rights to your bed, but sometimes it has to be done for your health!



When it comes to saying goodnight to your puppy, keep in mind that crate training is important to develop a sense of independence for a puppy! Puppies and parents can also bond just by having the crate placed next to the big bed so they can detect your scent and hear you breathe!