Why You Must Watch the PGA Championships With Your Pup!

Hey! I didn't dig this!
Hey! I didn’t dig this!



Putt-Putt with Your Mutt-Mutt! The annual PGA tour Championship is the ‘final hole’, so to speak, of the professional golf world. Across the world, golf fans either pack up their cars and head to the match, or gather their friends around the TV to watch the best of the golf world battle it out for the grand prize and champion title.  If your friends are all away for the day and you’re deciding whether to take your pup out to the field or curl up with them across  from the TV, here are some things to consider:



Forget the Wild Pooch Chase


Looks like that dog thinks he can beat Pro. Golfer, John Casey, at the game!
Looks like that dog thinks he can beat Pro. Golfer, John Casey, at the game!


We all know that pets reduce our stress simply by being around them. But what’s at a golf game? Flying balls. And what do dogs love? Balls. Golf may not be the most exciting sport, but I can bet you that grand prize that you’re going to witness a MUCH more interesting game if your pooch decides they want a shot at champion. Rather than spending the entire competition worrying about your dog chasing after the balls, or even worse, YOU chasing after your Dog chasing after the balls, spend it at home, where you can bask in the anxiety relief your pet naturally brings you, without the stress they can throw at you too.




 Hit the Couch, Not the Green!


The only reason he's paying attention is because she has a ball...
The only reason he’s paying attention is because she has a ball…



Every pet parent needs one-on-one time with their pets, and watching TV on the couch is a great opportunity for that. Both dogs and humans thrive from physical affection, and studies have shown that petting pets and cuddling them releases good chemicals in the brain that in turn cause humans to trust dogs and vice-versa. This kind of bonding is definitely not going to occur if you’re outside at the golf match. Too many things going on; there are people everywhere, balls flying across an open field, and you are the least interesting thing your dog has to look at. I’d say cut your losses and turn in your club, buddy. It’s time to hit the couch.


Your Couch, Your Rules!



They're also just the perfect best friend.
They’re also just the perfect best friend.



Fluffy won’t bother you to turn off the TV because he or she needs some peace and quiet. Your pets also won’t fight you for the remote because Real Housewives is on. They won’t interrupt the show to go to the bathroom, or beg you for snacks. (well, that last one might be stretching it!) But they will be the perfect couch buddy anyway, because all they really want is your company. And that’s SO much better than going out and watching golf in person anyway, isn’t it?



I'm killin' it
I’m killin’ it






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