Independence Day! Pet Advice To Ensure A Happy 4th Of July!

Independence Day Agenda!

The 4th of July is here and Wendy and Baby Hope are wagging their tails with excitement for this year’s festivities. But while Wendy loves the boom and dazzle of Fireworks, Baby Hope is less appreciative of this perplexing and LOUD form of human entertainment. Like any good pet parent, Wendy understands Baby Hope’s needs and now she’s created this handy list of tips for a furtastic 4th that combines canine creature comforts with a great big human hoorah!


Tips for a Tail-Wagging Good 4th of July

Think Ahead

  • Many usually quiet areas become bustling meccas of activity on outdoor-centric holidays like The 4th of July. Be aware that your usual walking route may be crowded, loud, and possibly dangerous for your pet and plan accordingly


Let’s Stick Together!

  • NEVER leave your pet chained, and on the 4th of July even a fenced in yard won’t cut it! Leaving your pet unattended is taking an unnecessary risk with their lives. How would you like to be tied up while there’s a party going on next door?


The Vet Knows Best

  • If you know that your furry friend is prone to panic be sure to consult with your vet before July 4th to discuss methods or medications can alleviate their anxiety.


Bling out your pet!

  • Make sure that your best friend is properly outfitted with tags that clearly designate your pet’s name, address, and phone number! If lost, a pet wearing proper identification tags has a tremendously greater chance of being reunited with their family than a less effectively outfitted pooch.
  • If you find any unidentified pets at-large in your neighborhood be sure to bring them to your local shelter, where they are most likely to be returned to their proper home.


Test the Water

  • Festivities on the 4th often veer towards the water. If you are sharing the celebration of our nations independence with your patriotic pooch, be sure to understand their breed and abilities before allowing your pet into the water; and never leave you slobbering swimmer unattended!
  • Some dog breeds are natural born swimmers such as; Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Barbets, English Setters, Akitas, Kerry Blue Terriers, Irish Water Spaniels, Poodles, Hungarian Pulis and of course, the Portuguese Water Dog.
  • Breeds that are safer on land are: Basset Hounds, Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Pugs, Greyhounds and Scottish and Boston Terriers. It actually can be detrimental for some dogs to get wet, such as the Maltese, too much moisture promotes premature arthritis.


Make it a Party!

  • If you’re planning to spend the 4th with your four-legged friend, instead of making him the odd dog out at an all human event, why not host a pet-friendly party in your own backyard, local beach, or (if you were born with a silver bone in your mouth) private yacht.
  • Try some fun Independence Day games that get everyone involved like a fetch relay or a challenging game of musical chairs for mutts!


Canine Crafts

  • Dogs may see in a muted spectrum, but that doesn’t mean that can’t appreciate the arts! Lay out a canvas and some trays of washable, non-toxic paint and let the dogs run wild! You’ll have a unique and beautiful custom masterpiece in no time!



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