I Do’s & Don’ts When Taking Wedding Photos With Your Pet!

A bride poses with her well-behaved pooch
A bride poses with her well-behaved pooch

Many pet parents know that their most difficult hurdle is not house training the new puppy, nor is it teaching the cat that sofas aren’t scratching posts: it’s getting their furry and feathered friends to pose for the camera. Living with a non-photogenic pet is just an unfortunate reality most of the time, but it can turn a pet-inclusive wedding into a shutterbug’s nightmare.

Fortunately, Bella Pictures has some tips that could save the day. This innovative company uses its wedding photojournalism expertise to reflect the importance of a couple’s big day. Since Bella Pictures’ photographers have such a keen understanding of what makes each wedding unique, they know how important the couples’ pets are, too. Tom Kramer, cofounder of Bella Pictures, offers a few pointers from the pros’ bags of tricks:

Photographing pets is similar to photographing people. The most beautiful pictures are the spontaneous moments that really capture the energy and emotion of the moment. To get these kinds of photos with your pet, set aside some time to frolic with your pet while the photographer captures the moments on the sidelines. The photos will be natural and full of energy and love.

-Take some formal portraits with your pet. Even if your pet is a part of the wedding, it can often be challenging to get that perfect picture of just the two (or three) of you. It is best to plan the formal portrait time with your pet when he is at his calmest. The photographer should take a wide range of photos, from traditional to creative.

-Consider making your pet a part of the ceremony, it makes for fabulous photos!

wedding dog

-While we all love our pets, don’t let them take over the day. It is wonderful to have photos with them, but you do not want them included in every picture. Fido will understand!

White is a No No in the Dog Park (unless it's your real fur)!
White is a No No in the Dog Park (unless it’s your real fur)!

These tricks will ensure that you don’t have to chase your camera-shy pet in pursuit of that one perfect picture, since you’ll be able to capture dozens of photos that are just as beautiful as your wedding day memories.


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