Why You Must Watch the NBA Playoffs With Your Pup!

The NBA Playoffs are an exciting time for basketball fans everywhere. Whether you’re rooting for your home team, someone else, or no one at all, there’s no doubting that the energy and excitement is contagious. Instead of watching the game all alone or with your sports fan friends, try getting hanging out with your dog! After all, they make the best TV watching buddies. Don’t believe us?



Nothin' but net
Nothin’ but net



The Most Loyal Com-paw-nion of All!

We’ve all been that friend that has spent time with an adorable couple and felt a little… well…  awkward. No one likes third-wheeling. Your dog is guaranteed to love you more than anyone on the planet and all your friends will be jealous of your unconditional love and cuddles. Snuggle up!


Howl for the Foul Shot!

Your pet will always woof for the same team as you, so no need to worry about annoying fans of your rivals getting on your nerves. Sit in anticipation as the ball goes around.. and around the rim…. SCORE!



Yeah... I'm going pro.
Yeah… I’m going pro.



Nothin’ but Net! Cheer With Your Pet!

Lots of sports fans get really involved with the game. We can practically feel the court shake with the steps of the all-stars (good thing we can’t smell them!). Whether it’s an injured player, a missed shot, or worst of all, a lost game, our pets will always be there to give us a furry hug when we get stressed out or upset. Feel free to cuddle ‘em in celebration, too!! Research shows that petting dogs releases a hormone called oxytocin which lowers stress levels and generally makes people and animals happier.


Raise the Ruff – Let’s Paw-ty!

Feel like going out with your not-so furry friends? Take Fluffy or Scruffy or Spot along for the ride!! Every year, more and more restaurants and bars are becoming dog-friendly, so your partner-in-crime is welcome to share in on the excitement, if they’re a social pup. Make it a fun time for all of you!


Don't be fooled. I am a Great Dane at Heart:)
Don’t be fooled. I am a Great Dane at Heart:)



Life’s Ruff.

Let’s be honest here… we don’t want to put in the effort every day. Slip into your basketball shorts and your favorite old t-shirt! Your dog won’t judge you and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your living room for human guests. Give your pooch a high-five (or four…) and jump on the sofa! After all, the only thing you need is each other!


This pooch will be heading to the Harlem Globetrotters at this pace!
This pooch will be heading to the Harlem Globetrotters at this pace!

Get Your Snout in the Game!

Once the game is over, your pup will always be up for a workout with you. Get out and exercise! Where’s your team spirit? A healthy pet is a happy pet!


Don’t have a furry friend to get in on the fun with? Drive down to your local shelter and rescue one today! You will be their MVP for life!



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