RIP – A Tribute To Pasha Diamond – Animal Fair’s Top Cat Passed Away




We are sad to announce that Wendy Diamond’s beloved first animal rescue and furry kitty kid Pasha Diamond passed today of liver and kidney cancer.

This is beautiful Pasha’s inspirational story and tribute:

Behind the scenes and from the start of Animal Fair Media, there’s been a thoughtful and loving gentleman of a cat named Pasha Diamond. Pasha was slumming in New York City’s Animal Care and Control Center, the only government funded animal shelter, before he met his soon-to-be mother, Wendy Diamond.



Wendy & Pasha


When Wendy met Pasha at the AC&C over 16 years ago, it was kitty kismet – love at first sight (Pasha has the most beautiful green eyes)! He certainly wasn’t a young kitten, but Wendy couldn’t resist his docile temperament, penetrating gaze, and endless supply of purrs and nuzzles. Drawing from her open heart and kindling her compassion for the underdog (or “undercat” in this case), Wendy adopted the gorgeous Russian Blue, in what truly can be called a feline fella’s Cinderella story.



Wendy and Pasha Diamond!
Wendy and Pasha Diamond!


Wendy was pleasantly surprised by how quickly her love for Pasha grew. Wendy expanded her love of all creatures whether furred, feathered, scaled, endangered, or sheltered. She has Pasha to thank for opening her eyes to the importance and value of every living creature (two or four-legged) on this planet.



Wendy totes around Lucky and Pasha Diamond
Wendy totes Lucky and Pasha Diamond



When Wendy visited the AC&C in 1999 and rescued Pasha, she realized that 12 million animals were euthanized annually. Wendy was inspired to create Animal Far Media (fairness to animals), the world’s premiere pet lifestyle media company. The number of animals euthanized yearly has currently dropped to five million.


Kim Kardashian gets Lucky! Who Cares!
Kim Kardashian Got Lucky!


Two years after adopting Pasha, Wendy was so inspired she rescued another animal, a lively Maltese she named Lucky. Our beloved Lucky Diamond (RIP – she passed in 2012 from canine cancer) was known the whole world over and then some – she was the planet’s most photographed dog with over 300 celebrities at charity and rescue events! Lucky was awarded a Guinness World Record for her animal rescue efforts.

Pasha & Lucky spent many hours at Animal Fair’s office playing shenanigans, chasing each other around, and making everyone chuckle and roar with laughter.


Catch Pasha and Lucky playing in this video.




Wendy travels extensively across the globe promoting endangered and shelter animal rescue, sharing her amazing story of how Pasha changed her life, and connecting with fellow cat lovers. She’s a familiar and frequent contributor to NBC’s Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS’ The Early Show, The View, FOX News, CNN, and many other media outlets.


How to Understand Women2


Pasha’s daily presence in Wendy’s life led her to notice similarities in their personality traits. This revelation inspired Wendy to pen her best-selling book, How to Understand Women Through Their Cats. Wendy’s natural wit and humor along with the book’s candid and surprisingly accurate take on feminine-feline personality archetypes garnered praise from fans and media.




Soon Simon and Schuster knocked on Wendy’s door. The publishing group behind the revered Chicken Soup for the Soul series asked Wendy (and Pasha) to share their expertise and provide the feline-friendly forward entries to the series’ What I Learned From the Cat and My Cat’s Life.





Wendy’s philanthropic worked parlayed into championing the two-legged. She launched Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED), a worldwide celebration that honors, supports, and inspires women entrepreneurs. WED partnered with Global Entrepreneurship Week and the US Department of State in 144 countries on November 19th, 2014. Every man and woman in the world was invited to dedicate the Wednesday following Thanksgiving #WomenWOW, in support of women-owned and led businesses.


baby hope wendy pasha


Pasha was a handsome older cat, his coat has definitely turned “fifty shades of grey” over the years, and the entire time he lovingly inspired Wendy to help save countless shelter and endangered animals.

Purr … and thank you Pasha for every meow of love and inspiration over the years. And we are sure that Lucky greeted you in animal heaven and you both have resumed your endearing and playful game of chase.

We will miss you forever ….


Pasha_character caricature

Please make donations in honor of Pasha to her furry sister’s legacy the Lucky Diamond Critical Care Ward at the Humane Society of New York. The Lucky Diamond Critical Care Ward saves and helps animals in dire need, providing pet parents and animals affordable critical health care that they might not have received otherwise.  Donate by clicking here: HSNY Donations

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