Cat Lady Turned Dog Parent @katyperry Shows Off Her World Traveler Pup

Katy Perry with dog Butters


Katy Perry’s new movie, the ‘Prismatic World Tour’ has just premiered, with notable family member (and possible movie co-star) Butters, her caramel colored Cavalier Spaniel Poodle cross, stealing the spotlight on the red carpet. This is not the first time Butters has stolen the show – she also ran on stage during Katy’s press conference for her Super Bowl halftime show. And we’re not complaining. She is a regular on Katy’s Instagram feed and is stealing our hearts with every picture.



Katy Perry with cat Kitty Purry


Katy was not always such a dog person. A self-confessed cat lady, with a cleverly named feline companion Kitty Purry, she officially claims she was turned into a dog person when Jiff (the famous Pomeranian – twitter name @jiffpom) paid her a visit. Katy posted a video showing Jiff performing an adorable ‘cuddle bug’ trick where he rolls himself up in a blanket, to audible “Awwws” from the audience. Shortly following that encounter just over a year ago was Butters’s debut Instragram, looking nearly indistinguishable by the cuddly teddy bear at her side.


Katy Perry's Dog Butters with Teddy



How does Katy keep up with Butters and her hectic tour schedule at the same time? By bringing her on tour of course! Katy named Butters the official Prismatic World tour mascot, stating, “Butters comes everywhere on tour. She’s such an amazing tour dog.” Not only that, but it seems like Butters has a positive influence on the whole crew. Katy explains, “She brings this incredible joy because sometimes it can get really tiring on the road.”


Butters, Katy Perry's Dog



Amusingly, Katy also admits that her assistant, Tamra, is Butters’ real mom. She clarifies, “[it’s] because I don’t pick up the doo-doo, and, I don’t like things waking me up at 7am.” These sentiments seem justified with her busy tour schedule, and we look forward to seeing more of Butters in the Instagrams to come.

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