Jon Stewart Barks Bye Bye! @TheDailyShow



Lucky chats up the daily dish with Jon Stewart.
Lucky chats up the daily dish with Jon Stewart.


If you get a howl out of political satire and cutting insight into the pitfalls of American pop and political culture, then The Daily Show host and comedy writer Jon Stewart is the funnyman to watch! Animal Fair Media recommends that you view as much of Jon Stewart as possible, he’s rolling over as top dog funny man and leaving the show. Rumor around the talk show dog run suggests that he’ll be looking for treats elsewhere, possibly Brian Williams related … to be continued…

Jon Stewart is an animal lover and advocate!  He demonstrates this through his participation in Animal Haven’s Annual Performance for the Animals, Stewart doesn’t think animal rescue is a laughing matter, and uses his celebrity to champion the underdog whenever he can!

Animal Haven, a nonprofit organization that advocates pet rescue and finds homes for the unlucky dogs and cats who are heartlessly abandoned, put on the event to benefit its efforts in the New York community, and, honored and delighted, Stewart, who chaired the event, and his family went above and beyond it help raise funds and awareness.


Jon Stewart and Champ taking a walk in New York City.



Stewart started helping Animal Haven after he visited one of their shelters where his children were volunteering, He was so moved and inspired by the efforts of the organization that on his very first visit he adopt an adorable puppy, his three-legged pit bull named – Champ.

“It was a good move on Animal Haven’s part,” Stewart said smirking with his famous smirk. “They put him right next to me and I was like, yeah, this is our dog now.’”

Champ gets star attention regularly, even making canine cameos with Stewart on The Daily Show.

The entire Stewart family loves animals – and rescuing and saving animals is a family affair. Jon’s wife Tracey became a veterinarian after a career as a graphic designer. She has worked at the Bronx Zoo, and now helps animals at a veterinary clinic.

Besides Champ, Jon and Tracey rescued to other two pit bulls and a cat. Shamsky rescue story is truly heartwarming. He was an agoraphobic pit bull who lived in a small cage before the Stewarts rescued him, and was named after the only Jewish member of the 1969 “Miracle Mets.” Monkey is their other pit bull and their cat is named Stan!


Baby's a bit picky about who watches her.
Baby’s a bit picky about who watches her.

Stewart has created a dog nirvana work environment; “Dogs are allowed at my work,” Stewart chuckled. “Because people are, you know, meaner.”

The Daily Show will continue airing without Jon Stewart on Comedy Central nightly.

We wish Jon Stewart success, more wit, and laughter wherever he shows up next!

 To find out more information about Animal Haven or to donate your time or money, go toNate Silver its website:

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