The Brief and Influential History of Lucky Diamond

Lucky Diamond is a famous white Maltese with a resume that rivals Donald Trump! She was adopted by Wendy Diamond in 1999, and that’s the closest you’ll get to figuring out her real age. This doggie diva just won’t woof about her age; it remains a canine urban mystery to this day.

After adopting Lucky, Wendy was inspired to devote all her time to animal rescue. She launched Animal Fair Media (fairness to animals) in 1999 and personally created the title; Pet Lifestyle Expert. Lucky has been Wendy’s “wing dog” throughout the entire amazing ride! Lucky Diamond now – is the furry face and alpha dog of animal rescue.  She has risen from being a homeless hound to iconic status, and represents hope and promise for all animals in need of a loving home.

Happy Holidays from Wendy and Lucky!
Happy Holidays from Wendy and Lucky!

Lucky’s barkstory has it that she was on her way to the pound when Wendy bumped into trainer pal Bash Dibra, and expressed interest in adopting a small dog. Bash visited later that day and presented Wendy with one furry fluff ball of love named Chloe. When Chloe was introduced to Wendy she started loudly yapping and running in circles, causing canine chaos and putting on a show. Wendy took one look at the spirited hound, rolled her eyes, and sighed “Oh boy, aren’t I Lucky!” And Lucky Diamond was born.

Lucky had no idea exactly how lucky her life would be! She was given the opportunity to promote and animal rescue and help endangered species globally. Her relationship with Wendy grew into unconditional love, loyalty, and a genuine bond that happens when people and their pets live together with respect and harmony.

In her constant quest to give back (and get some treats in return), Lucky served as the Chair-Dog for the Katrina Pet Memorial. She is the only civilian dog admitted into the United Nations, and events as the White House Pet Correspondent. The Humane Society of New York has named a wing after Lucky! Check out to get a glimpse of Lucky’s many accomplishments and adventures!

One evening in 2002, Wendy and Lucky were invited by Ohio hometown friend and model, Raven Toney to the grand opening party of the New York City VBH store, honoring iconic designer Valentino. Wendy was totally awestruck and delighted to find herself sitting down to a very private dinner with Hollywood actors Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, socialite Nan Kempner, legendary designer Valentino with his life partner Giancarlo Giammetti and other top name celebs.

Wendy wanted to capture the unforgettable memories of the night, but feeling enamored and camera shy asked Hugh Grant if he would like to take a photo with little Lucky instead. Hugh Grant held Lucky in his arms, and the first Who Got Lucky? image was recorded. And the rest (as they say – not to be cliché) is history….

Recently, Lucky has been inducted to Guinness Book of World Records as the most photographed dog with celebrities of all time! Over 300 world-renown A-list celebrities, politicians, athletes and entrepreneurs of the 21st century have been photographed holding Lucky at charity related events. The list of celebrities featured in this one-of-a-kind Who Got Lucky? photo collection include: Bill Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell, Dave Matthews, John Travolta, Kanye West, Betty White, Barbara Walters, Sting, Cloris Leachman, Kelly Rippa, Hugh Hefner, Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, Sir Richard Branson, Cesar Milan, Buzz Aldrin and many, many others.

After the creation of Animal Fair Media, Wendy and Lucky traveled the globe finding new and inventive ways to help disenfranchised animals. The dynamic duo graced Russia, Greece, and Mexico searching for puppy love in all of its many breeds and meaning. Eventually, Wendy’s findings inspired her to author and contribute to a collection of best-selling books including; How to Understand Men Through their Dogs, How To Understand Women Through Their Cats, It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living, and is finishing her witty instructional title; How to Train Your Boss to Roll Over. Chicken Soup for the Soul recruited Wendy to write the forwards for their pet series – including What I Learned from the Dog and My Dog’s Life editions.

Lucky’s rise to fame seems to be destined by the stars. Wendy was having lunch with a friend at the Friars Club, when her friend asked where she found Lucky. Wendy responded that trainer Bash Dibra had introduced them. With a quizzical expression, Wendy’s friend asked, “Is that Chloe?” Wendy burst out laughing and confirmed that she was originally named Chloe. A few gasps and giggles later, the friend revealed that she knew Lucky (aka Chloe) back when. She was the puppy of EGOT recipient, renowned composer, Marvin Hamlish! So that’s the way they were!

Lucky’s underdog journey wasn’t easy at the start, but it’s certainly been a trail of love and service the entire way. Lucky Diamond is a true New Yorker. She can rub snouts at the local park dog run during the day, and wear the finest designer doggie duds at a charity event benefitting other animals by night! Lucky has been Wendy’s muse and close canine companion since the day they met. She inspired Wendy to discover her true calling, helping animals in need. Lucky continues, and always will leave an undeniable mark on the world!

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