Dogs found enroute to become a Vietnamese dinner!




Help protect all animals!
Help protect all animals!

Last week Thai authorities caught intercepted  four vehicles before they crossed the border from the Nkhon Phanom province of Thailand into Vietnam, the Associated Press reported.  The police found 119 dogs dead and over 1000 altogether were piled i trucks headed to Vietnam.  Trafficked dogs can bring in around $33 per animal in Vietnam.

Livestock officials believe the dogs died from suffocation or from being thrown from the trucks as the suspects tried to escape according to the Thai officials.

Police have currently charged two Thai men and a Vietnamese man with trafficking and illegal transportation of animals.  Charges punishable are only a mere one year maximum jail sentence and fines up to 20,000 baht (or $670) according to the Thai police.

Sadly, in a report from the Korean Animal Welfare Association, dog trafficking is widely found throughout Korea.  The dogs live in harsh conditions in tiny hot cages with sometimes 3 dogs crammed into a one dog cage .  Additionally, KAWA found the dogs are contracting human threatening diseases such as scrapie and bovine spongigorm encephalopathy.

Please help, this is tragic!