Kirstie Alley Got Lucky at the 2nd Annual Help Argentina Polo Benefit with Nacho Figueras

Kirstie Alley points out her favorite players to Lucky

Fresh off of her admirable 2nd place finish on the 12th season of the annually addictive summer hit, Dancing with the Stars, Kirstie Alley attended The 2nd Annual HelpArgentina Polo Benefit at the Bethpage State Park Polo Fields in Farmingdale, NY, where she enjoyed the weather, the sport, the sight of Ralph Lauren Model, Nacho Figueras, and –most importantly- Got Lucky! Bringing Light, levity, and her ever resilient looks to the lawn, Kirstie Alley was the Diva of the divots.

Lucky Diamond has been one of Alley’s biggest fans since she learned that the former Cheer’s star and weight loss and healthy living guru was as adept in pet parenting as she was at dancing the cha-cha. Alley’s animal collective is made up of 26 individual personalities, including a family of lemurs that she has been caring for unconditionally for 30 years! And it takes as much care and dedication to provide for this brood as it did for Alley to shed an astounding 90 pounds! Employing 2 full time exotic animal experts, and spending an estimated $40,000 on their maintenance, Alley cannot recommend primate pets for everyone, but has become so deeply attached to hers that she has even included them in her will; now that’ a tune that lucky can bark to!

Kristie’s energy was infectious throughout the day and Lucky could hardly pass up the opportunity to chat and snap a photo with one of her all-time favorite stars. Here’s what Kirstie had to say:

Animal Fair: What brought you to Polo today?

Kirstie: It’s incredibly exciting. It was a fluke that I came here today, but I wanted to support Argentina and this cause, and I think that it’s important to help children all over the world. I think that everyone should help Argentina, but I also feel that everyone should help children in their local community, all over the world. If we each took on a few, then we wouldn’t have any children that were in a bad way. And the Argentinean polo players are hot (laughs).

AF: Your a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and have lost so much weight – Did you ever think of taking up polo as an exercise?

Kirstie: No, I just take up polo watching (laughs).

AF: Do you have any animals?

Kirstie:  I have about 26 animals.

AF: How many dogs do you have?

Kirstie: I have six dogs. And fourteen lemurs. And cats, and chinchillas, and…what else do I have? (Laughs)

AF: What are your dogs’ names?

Kirstie: My dogs’ names are, Lizzie, May, Fawny…it’s like I’m going around the room (laughs). Marty, Stella, Leo. Is that six? Yeah.  Stella is named after A Streetcar Named Desire. Leo is named after Leonardo DiCaprio. My son named him (laughs). He likes some movie Leo did. And the others are just names that I would’ve named children, I think, if I had had more children.

AF: What was your favorite part of today’s event!

Kirstie: The horses, No, Nacho!  no he’s married,  the Argentinean men on horses (laughs) no really Helping the children of Argentina.

For More information – HELP ARGENTINA!

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