Wendy Diamond Judges The American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards™ to air on Hallmark TV: Vote for your Favorite Courageous Canine Today!

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Dogs have been considered Man’s (and woman’s) best friend for millennia, and they certainly didn’t just stumble into the role. Humans have drawn on their relationships with their canine companions through the ages in order to accomplish feats that neither species would be capable of on their own. That’s why the American Humane Association presents the Hero Dog Awards™, which will air on Hallmark TV, as a beacon of the strength of the bond shared between humans and the animals that they hold dear.

Lucky Diamond is no stranger to the path of a Hero Dog. She has worked ceaselessly alongside her pet-diva parent to advocate and assist disenfranchised animals across the globe. As a poster dog for homeless animals, the host and coordinator of thousands charity events, and the chair-dog for the Katrina pet memorial, Lucky’s paws have been pulling the strings of the animal advocacy world for over a decade! Lucky is a champion of her species as she brings her friends from the Humane Society onto NBC’s “The Today Show” to broadcast the importance of animal rescue alongside, and brings a puppy’s perspective to the work of her celebrity friends, Katherine Heigl and Charlize Theron.

The Hero Dog Awards™ honor one dog who has exhibited excellence in at least one of the categories of; Search and Rescue, Service, Therapy, Law Enforcement/Arson, Guide, Hearing, Military, and the newly introduced Emerging Hero category for canines on the cutting edge. Finalists will be flown to L.A. to participate in the Hero Dog Awards™ where they will be honored and evaluated in hopes of crowning the top dog!

Betty White Got Lucky!

This year, the American Humane Association has teamed up with Cesar® Canine Cuisine to make the Hero Dog Awards™ a star-studded event to be remembered. The top prize comes in the form of $10,000, and the appointment of this cash is to be considered carefully. Media giants Betty White, Whoopi Goldberg, and more will join Wendy Diamond on the judging panel in order to determine which courageous canine has proven the heroism to fetch the grand prize!

But deciding which lucky dogs make it to the finals is up to you! Voting has officially begun over at the official Hero Dog Awards™ website, and Cesar® will make a donation to The American Humane Association for every vote cast! Unfortunately, Lucky Diamond is ineligible to participate due to her mom’s potential bias as one of the judge’s, but that doesn’t mean that the competition isn’t ruff! The American Humane Association has assembled a host of heartwarming entries that speak to the power of puppy love!

Vote today and voice your support for the brave beasts in their daily endeavor to make life better!