@DearLucky – My paws hurt during winter time!

snow winter puppy

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Dear Lucky,

I love the snow but I don’t like when it turns to the slippery stuff. I go for walks and when I get back inside they are small white circle stuck in my paws. My paws sting so I try to lick it off and it tastes really bitter. Lucky, you are so smart, please figure out my dilemma.

– Taffy, Buffalo, NY.

Dear Taffy,

In the winter, I never go outside without booties on my paws because the city streets are filled with the white dots. The white dots are salt that the humans put down to melt the ice that you don’t like. I know that the salt hurts but don’t lick it off. It will make you sick. Plus it can give you an infection! Boots will add style to your winter look. There are even coats that match the booties. Have your owner take you to a local pet store or look online for the latest design.