@DearLucky – I want to be a star!


If you have a doggy dilemma or  a confused cat looking for advice, don’t hesistate to ask Dearlucky.com @ lucky@animalfair.com. Baby Hope has taken on the legacy of Lucky – she has been around the block so no worries she is just as clever and can answer all your questions!

Dear Lucky,

I am such a fan of your lifestyle! I am a Chihuahua pup who longs to be on the spotlight! How can I can come out of my shell and become a celebrity pooch just like you?


Dear Princess,

I am sending you my autograph right away! Mi life is really hard but it’s worth it! First it’s important to look fabulous. Have your owner take you to the best groomer in the city and let them talk while you are getting all dolled up. The groomer may know about dog shows that are happening in the area. it’s all about networking so have your owner make contacts with advertising agencies, talent agencies and photographers. Good luck, Princess!