@DearLucky – Christmas tree temptation!!


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Dear Lucky,

I am a cat who loves Christmas trees. They smell delicious and are so tall! Mostly, I love to jump up and climb them. Usually my dad comes running in and pulls me from the tree. It is a never ending battle with me. Why can’t I get to the top of the tree without a fight?

– Ruthie, Wheaton, MD

Dear Ruthie,

I talked to my brother, Pasha about this question. Pasha informed me that trying to climb Christmas trees is very dangerous. Your dad is right in pulling you down from the top. The tree could fall down and you could get really hurt. Have your parents secure the tree with fishing wire and put it in a room with a door that can be close. Pasha has a climbing post that is much more comfortable than a tree. Beg your parents for one for the holidays!