Dear Lucky Photo
Dear Lucky Diamond


Dear Lucky,

The holiday season is always full of parties, but I am not a fan!  The loud noises scare me, feet everywhere come close to stepping on me, and everyone tries to pick me up!  How do you deal with being such a social dog, Lucky?

–        Mr. Muggles, Odessa, TX

Dear Mr. Muggles,

Parties can be loud, and there are always lots of people, but they can also be fun!  Everyone loves you, so let yourself be pampered for the day!  Being a party animal does get exhausting, so, if it gets to be too much, find a quiet room and curl up under some furniture.


Dear Lucky,

My parents bought me a Santa outfit and they think I look adorable in it.  They dress me in that red jacket, hat, and boots all the time during the holiday season.  I think it’s embarrassing, and the boots make it impossible to walk!  How do I avoid this?

–        Jacob, Forks, WA

Dear Jacob,

Look at the bright side – the Christmas season isn’t very long, so you only have to put up with the outfit for a few weeks.  If even that’s too long, I’ve been able to shake my way out of some outfits.  Boots are easy to get off by rubbing your paws.  And remember- after Christmas, it’s a whole 10 months until Halloween!


Dear Lucky,

My family is having trouble because of the recession, and they can’t afford to get me the newest doggie styles.  How can I still look fashionable?

–        Cher, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Cher,

You’re lucky – retro is in!  Have your parents dig out those collars from when they first got you, and you’ll look hip.  Also, classic colors and styles are always fashionable.  Remember to get groomed at home too, where you can get a wash and cut for less than $5!


Dear Lucky,

I don’t have as much spending money because of the economy troubles.  What can I do to show my parents how much I care about them, since I can’t buy them a present?

– Baby, Catskills, NY

Dear Baby,

Your mom and/or dad don’t need presents to know you love them!  Shower them with extra kisses and cuddles.  Keep them company.  Bring them your toys to play with.  Puppy love is all you need!


Dear Lucky,

My parents now have another baby, except this one is a human, not a dog!  He has a small toy called a ‘pacifier’ that he sucks on to go to sleep.  When the toy falls out of his crib, I like to suck on it too.  It’s so soothing!   My parents get mad at me, though, and tell me they are only the baby’s toys.  Why can’t he share?

–        Lucy, East Islip, NY

Dear Lucy,

Human toys and puppy toys shouldn’t be shared.  I know that seems selfish, but we’re very different kinds of animals!  You can get sick from his toys, and he can get sick from yours.  Ask your parents to buy you a doggie pacifier of your own, and leave the baby’s alone!


Dear Lucky,
I’m a Persian cat and, now that the home heating system has started, I’m all a frizz.  My hair gets all that static electricity after I rub up against certain things.  What can I do?

–        Captain Happy, St. Paul, MN


Dear Captain Happy,
Look for wooden objects to rub up against, like a table or chair leg.  Stay away from the couch and bed spreads!  You can also stay near a human who likes to pet you.  That will keep all that frizz in place!


Dear Lucky,

My family gave me all sorts of extra snacks over Thanksgiving, and I put on so much weight!  My New Year’s Resolution is to get rid of those extra pounds.  I’m a cat, though, so I don’t get to go for walks for exercise, like you.  What should I do?

–        Marshmellow, New York, NY



Dear Marshmellow,

Even if you can’t get out, you can definitely run around your apartment!  Also, do you have a climbing gym?  My brother Pasha has one, and he loves climbing all over it.  That could help you get as much exercise as I get on a walk!


Dear Lucky,

This recession has hit me hard!  I used to eat all sorts of gourmet cat food.  But now, my mom is only giving me store-brand cat food!  I admit, I’m a bit spoiled, but how am I supposed to go from wild salmon to bland chicken?

–        Antionette, Alexandria, VA

Dear Antoinette,

Times are tough, I know.  Sometimes we have to make sacrifices.  So bite the bullet – or the generic food, in this situation.  I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think.  And hopefully, the economy will get better soon, and you’ll be back to your salmon and I’ll get some filet mignon!