Dear Lucky…

AF_spring08_vol34_travel_p82_dearlucky_AF_SPR_06_P82_DEARLUCKY_LUCKY-black-and-whiteDear Lucky,

When I travel on an airplane I can’t help but to bark because I’m afraid my owner will forget about me way down below the seat. But when I bark my owner just shushes me. What do I do?

– Martha, Grand Rapids, MI

Dear Martha,

I think all small dogs have this problem, I know I have. Your owner knows you’re there. Try taking a nap during the flight, your owner and everyone else will thank you. Plus, if you fall asleep it means you will reach your destination that much quicker! Good luck.

Dear Lucky,

I am a cat that hates water, but my owner insists on traveling to areas by the water every year. When I see the ocean blue, I can’t help but to get terrified and dig my claws into whatever I see that’s nearby. How can I get over my fear?

– Gigi, Omaha, NB

Dear Gigi,

I never understood what cats have against water, my brother Pasha just hates-hates-hates it! Try closing your eyes and thinking of some of your favorite things like tuna fish or catnip. Remember, you drink water, so it definitely won’t hurt you to look at it!

Dear Lucky,

When my owner and I play fetch I have the greatest time, but my owner always stops before I’m ready to finish. I know it’s impossible, but how do I play catch with myself?

– Rex, Salem, OR

Dear Rex,

Playing catch is always an enjoyable pastime with your owner. I often get upset when playtime is cut short as well, but you have to understand that good things don’t last forever. Try finding a delicious chew toy or a pull toy to pass the time. These are things you can do independently and you don’t have to worry about your owner quitting too soon!

Dear Lucky,

I am having a hard time stomaching some of the foreign cuisine I eat when I travel. It all looks so good, but when I put it in my mouth it doesn’t taste like how it smells. I love to try new human foods, but what should I do?

– Oreo, Memphis, TN

Dear Oreo,

You should be careful about what you’re eating while on vacation. My suggestion is have your owner pack some of your favorite meals and treats before you travel, that way you don’t have to worry about experimenting with untried new foods. You’re guaranteed a delicious meal no matter where you are!

Dear Lucky,

When I’m on vacation I have so much fun with all the extra treats, comfy beds, beautiful scenery … that I never want to go home. If you ask me the worse part of a vacation is going home. What do you suggest to I do to come down from an amazing vacation?

– Bongo, Providence, RI

Dear Bongo,

As an avid traveler I know what you mean. Vacations can be great fun, but when it’s all over it can be a let down. My advice is to make everyday a vacation. Find joy in your walks, the delicious treats when you get them, and your warm bed at night. Live every day of your life as if you’re on a vacation, and when you do go away, it’s like a SUPER vacation!

Dear Lucky,

I recently took a trip to Chicago and fell in love. I met a hunk of a dog at a dog run and I didn’t get his information and I’m afraid I’ll never see him again. What do I do Lucky? Can you help poor puppy lovesick me?

– Muffin, Dallas, TX

Dear Muffin,

I don’t know what to tell you Muffin, it seems like you may never see your love again. Perhaps it is for the best, long distance relationships never work out, especially between dogs. My advice is to go to your local dog park and check out the fresh bait there. Happy hunting!

Dear Lucky,

I am a cat who hates to leave the house. My owner is trying to get me to go on vacation and I can’t fathom it – considering I hate to even leave my favorite chair. What do I do? My owner seems really excited about the trip but I don’t want to budge!

– Lissy, Richmond, VA

Dear Lissy,

You know a long long time ago I was once afraid to travel. I didn’t even like going on walks. When my owner told me that I would love where we were going, I went apprehensively. You should take the same view, what’s the worst that could happen? Vacations are short … trust me, by the time it’s over you’ll be begging your owner to stay.

Dear Lucky,

I am getting ready to go on a big vacation with my family, but I’m worried that I may not look good in a bathing suit. I am a Pug and don’t want my belly and wrinkles to show. What do I do?

– Grover, New York, NY

Dear Grover,

Silly Pug, you don’t need a bathing suit! Dogs look much better naked if you ask me and a bathing suit is only going to hinder your swimming. You’re a Pug, you shouldn’t worry about your weight, what’s a Pug without a Pug belly anyway?