Scrappy Wants to Make New Friends

Dear Lucky,

My family loves going to visit Grandma every summer.  However, this year Grandma called and expressed how worried she was about me coming to visit.  She recently got two new kittens of her own and she’s afraid we won’t get along.  I love getting to see Grandma.  What can I do to convince the family that it’s okay for me to go with them?

– Scrappy, Detroit M

Dear Scrappy,

Just be yourself! All you can do is be your best self.  By being well-behaved and extra nice around the house your family will realize that they have nothing to worry about. Try taking your family out where they can see how well you play with others.  And, if in the end you have to stay home, don’t let it get you down! You’re family knows best. Always be the cutest, nicest, sweetest.