A “Healthy Pet Nation”

“Michael Torchai is proud to announce the next phase of his “fitness for all” philosophy – the launch of ‘Healthy Pet Nation’.”

Trainer Michael Torchai
Works Out A Healthy Pet Nation

MikeandBabyCody-300dpiAs one of the most successful celebrity trainers in Hollywood, Michael Torchia has spent over 25 years of his life trying to bring the life-saving message of personal fitness and healthy diet to men and women everywhere. In the 1990’s, he began Operation Fitness to combat the (then) overlooked epidemic of childhood obesity. He is proud to announce the next phase of his “fitness for all” philosophy – the launch of “Healthy Pet Nation”.

Torchia’s viewpoint is that in America obesity is a common problem in dogs and cat, just like in humans. The poor health habits of an inactive pet parent can be passed on to the animal. Parents often treat their pets as their children and spoil their furry friends. These parents need to have “Riley” and “Princess” follow a total weight management that will result in controlled weight loss and maintenance.

And if you’re wondering what the difference is between exercising a dog and cat Torchia provides the answer. He explains, “It’s more difficult to train a cat. Your dog can learn simple exercise routines in 5 minutes but it could take you 5 weeks or more to do the same with your cat. Nevertheless, cats learn to use a litter tray with almost no training, but for a small dog to do the same takes more persistence than most parents can invest. The reason for such differences is that what’s important to dogs is not the same as it is for cats.

Torchia’s program includes evaluating the animal, educating the pet parent, modifying behaviors, and tailoring the program to each animal needs. As someone who has seen the tragic consequences of poor health on loving pets, trainer Torchia seeks to reverse the trend of pet obesity and bring a better life to pets and their parents.

The United Stated is globally recognizes for its “healthy pop culture”, and Torchia has trained many celebrities for starring film roles. He shared a humorous Hollywood Kevin Spacey story.

“I was training Kevin Spacey for American Beauty in a mobile fitness trailer which was parked on the set and Kevin always loved having all 5 of his dogs around while working out. As you can imagine what a hysterical time we had as Kevin would take turns doing crunches holding his adorable doggies on his chest in place of traditional weighted exercise ball and his other pups were hurdling over his head while doing leg raises.”

Dogs and diet, cats and cardio, with the determined vision of tried and true trainer Michael Torchia, America is well on its way to becoming one “Healthy Pet Nation”!

For more information visit: healthypetnation.com.

Healthy Pet Nation
Healthy Pet Nation

Michael Torchia’s Exercising Tips
For The Different Stages of Your Pet’s Life

Kittens 7-14 weeks
Kittens are very playful during this phase and a perfect time to introduce fun activities to your kitty. They are busy honing their “hunting” skills and Kittens at this age will begin to play with objects. You will see pouncing, ambushing, chasing, etc.

Kittens 3-6months
Your kitten will most likely remain playful; therefore, regular exercise times are important for growth of your kitten and your bond. Always interact regularly, with love, and avoid rough activities as this will discourage inappropriate nipping and/or scratching.

Cats 1-9 years

You should engage your cat in daily exercise; laser pointers, wands with a toy or feather at the end, and catnip toys are all excellent motivators to get your kitty moving. Remember, daily exercise is important to prevent obesity in our adult companions.

Puppies 8-12 weeks
Puppies at this age are very playful and curious. Support your puppy with love, toys, and encouragement. Create a routine and stick to it.

Puppies 5-18 months

This period can occur at a variety of ages depending on size and breed. Smaller breeds typically reach this stage at 5 months, large breeds 9-10 months, and giant breeds 12-18 months. Energy levels are high at this age and daily exercise, both mental and physical, plays a large role in keeping your companion happy, healthy and well behaved.

Dogs 1-9 years

A healthy older dog can start with two short (10 minutes long) exercise sessions a day, in conjunction with your pet’s daily walks. When outdoors, pick areas with soft grass or dirt. Don’t take on strenuous activities with your dog and remember moderation is the key.

By Renay Smith