Canine Comedy

Janeane Garofalo, Joy Behar SNL’s Cheri Oteri led an all-star laugh fest at Animal Fair Magazine’s Canine Comedy event on May 11th, 2000 at Trump Tower.
Two tiers of the famous gilded Manhattan lobby were packed with people just waiting to catch a glimpse of the comedy star line-up and their pet escorts for the evening. Funny man, Godfrey, walked the red carpet with his pal, Trooper, in tow. Trooper was one of several precious pups available for adoption that evening.

“I came all the way down from Harlem for this event,” Godfrey said. “Luckily, you guys sent a Saab to get me!” Saab is one of Animal Fair’s loyal supporters and was a sponsor of the Canine Comedy event along with, Cesar, Caymus Vineyards, Wax Digital, Starbucks Coffee and MG Prints.

Our sponsors were not the only dog lovers in the room. “I love dogs,” Godfrey told AF. “I’m a big Scooby Doo fan!” Delving further into the issue, Godfrey offered this perspective on pups and life in general – “Dogs are great because they see no color! That’s the way the world should be – we should all just sniff each other and get along!”

Comedienne Cheri Oteri of Saturday Night Live fame was showing her love for the fluffy little fur-ball in her arms all night. “It’s like love in a fur coat,” she said of the adoptable dog she was carrying.

Comedy sensation and big screen actress Janeane Garofalo kept the crowds happy with her canine routine. She should know a thing or two about the subject – she has two rescued shelter pups of her own. Asked about Animal Fair, Janeane smirked her way through this statement – “Animal Fair is one of the finest literary statements of the day about animals!”

Joy Behar, star of the daytime talk show, “The View”, told a joke or two of her own but wasn’t kidding when she spoke of her love for her two canine companions. “I have a shitzu named Max who is a compulsive humper,” she told us, “and a cat -Benito Pussilini.” Joy was full of joyful things to say about Animal Fair. “The reason I love this magazine is because it doesn’t have any skinny models in it,” she said. On a more serious note, she praised the publication and before reaching for a particularly pretty puppy walking by said, “Send me a subscription!”

One lucky dog arrived on the arm of the fabulous female hostess for the evening, Lady Bunny. The Lady herself escorted Edward into the party and professed a real love of Animal Fair. “I never read anything else,” she told us before admitting that the only animals she has are crabs! The outrageous diva admitted to having a “ruff” night walking around in her stilettos, but claimed, “They needed a real dog to hostess the event.”

The gala event benefited the Humane Society of New York, FIDONYC, the Center for Animal Care and Control, inc., and Mighty Mutts – some of Animal Fair’s favorite canine conscious organizations. Many puppies and dogs are still awaiting good homes, and jokes aside, they need your help. Comedian Godfrey is on the adoption bandwagon. “I’ll get a dog,” he said. “I’ll go through Animal Fair magazine to get one too – and I’m not even trying to get ‘cool points.'”