Lucky And The Star-Spanieled Banner, Mehmet Oz, Top 5 Pet products!

What a triumphant week for Spaniels! New York City has morphed into Spaniel City (SpaNiel-YC) as we witness two major Spaniel spectacles the week of St. Valentine (or is it St. Spanieltine)? [Warning: Prepare for lots of S’s in honor all the spectacular, splendid and significant Spaniels]

Our first stellar Spaniel story is the story of a Sussex Spaniel named Stump, this year’s Best in Show at this year’s Westminster Dog Show. Stump, also know as “Ch Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee,” is Westminster’s oldest Best in Show winner in its 133 year history, checking in at the respectable age of 70 (or 10 in human years). It’s like when Jessica Tandy won her Academy Award for Driving Miss Daisy at age 80! Stump the Spaniel’s handler is Scott Sommer, who four years ago almost had to consider euthanizing Stump after a near fatal bacterial infection that entered Stump’s heart, leaving him in intensive care for weeks. But Stump sought salvation and today the Spaniel is the most famous dog in the world!

It’s no surprise that a Sussex Spaniel took home the coveted prize at his age. While most competition dog’s careers peak between ages two and six, the Sussex Spaniel doesn’t fully mature until age eight or nine. I think Stump is a great example for all those dogs (and people) who want to achieve greatness at any age.

Our second special Spaniel story, perhaps inspired by Stump himself, is Sammy the Cocker Spaniel who filmed our upcoming PSA with Regis Philbin. Sammy, a sheltered Spaniel from the Humane Society took the spotlight right from underneath Philbin by getting adopted from one of my very own Facebook friends. We all knew Facebook was a valuable tool for keeping in touch, browsing photos, and generally just wasting time, but now Facebook can help get sheltered animals rescued! Unfortunately I can’t divulge who adopted the dog because there was a veritable rescue war for him (Facebook is not eBay people)!

Valentine's Day Treats with Wendy and Lucky!
Valentine's Day Treats with Wendy and Lucky!

In honor of love, the heart, and St. Valentine, this week Lucky and I attended “The Art of Living Well: A Woman’s Guide to Preventing Heart Disease” benefiting the Cardiovascular Research Foundation ( and hosted by our favorite TV doctor (aside from the fictional Dr. Huxtable), Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, or as he is fondly referred to by Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz. As an all around animal lover Dr. Oz knows the importance of pets and how they will keep you healthy and promote longevity, telling us all about his fondness for his three cats, Shadow, Rocky and Creef. Dr. Oz reminded us all that age is not a question of how old we are, but how old our bodies think we are. Pet’s keep us feeling young and my pets have successfully tricked my body into thinking I’m a teenager. Thanks Lucky!

The eloquent Dr. Oz went on to tell such a captivating story (well everything he said was captivating), discussing his trip to the Galapagos Islands where he swam with the unique Rainbow Red Fish. Of course, I’m always interested in male-female relationships and he told us that all Rainbow Reds are born female and when a male is needed for mating purposes, a female can just turn herself into male, and mate with another female – and we think human relationships are complicated. I have spent years studying puppy love, but this “guppy love” is pretty crazy!

This week Lucky and I also did some extensive pet research while in Orlando on business. Orlando hosted this year’s Global Pet Expo convention showcasing the hottest, newest, and most innovative products on the dog market. The convention is always a treat for Lucky because she’s faced with endless amounts of toys to play with and with her expert eyes, nose and mouth and my precise ability to do “pet picks,” we’ve prepared a list of five products to watch out for this year:

1. Dogtronics Nutty Squirrel Toy– Dogtronic toys are more than just a toy, they’re an adventure. The toys don’t just squeak, they move, emit light, and resemble natural prey that dogs love to attack. Lucky loves Dogtronic toys, especially the Nutty Squirrel who mimics the real life critter and it’s the first toy that has actually outsmarted her! Check out for more information!

2. Pet Inspired Bissell Drool Cleaner – For years Bissell has been making trusted cleaning products for pets and humans and now they’ve introduced their “drool be gone” formula which will eliminate all those pesky drool marks and keep your home clean! Finally an answer to all that slob! Check out for more info!

3. Sergeant’s SentryHC Good Behavior Pheromone Collar For Dogs – You not going to believe this one. A new dog collar for dogs with natural calming pheromones that help anxious dogs keep dogs calm in stressful situations. Honestly the testimonials for this one look so good I think Lucky should be the spokesperson, or maybe Chris Brown. If only he had a human version that possibly might have prevented that ruff night with Rihanna. Check out for more information!

4. FURminator available at PetSmart – Not as new to the market as these new products, but who can’t resist an amazing de-shedding system? The FURminator is known to remove all that excess pet hair other combs cannot (and I’m talking bagfuls!) Check out for more information.

5. Four Paws Nitebrite Leash – Four Paw’s new leash on the market will ensure that your dog is safe – from as far as 200 feet away! The brand new glow-in-the-dark technology is perfect for those night walkers and will also give you and your pet a healthy glow! Check out for more information.

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day, for more info on Puppy Love, Guppy Love, Spaniels or more new products, check out!