It Takes Two! Aubrey O’Day and Her Precious Pooch Ginger Sure Know How to Stop a Show

Aubrey O'Day with her precious pooch - Ginger!

Aubrey O’Day and her Manic Panic pink-haired Maltese, Ginger, are certainly showstoppers – much like the chart-topping song she sings with P. Diddy-infused pop group, Danity Kane. As one-fifth of the winning cast on reality show success Making the Band on MTV, O’Day’s perky personality truly adds to the group’s dynamic, as well as to the Broadway stage as Amber Von Tussle in the eight Tony Award-winning musical Hairspray.

One could say that O’Day and her tiny sidekick Ginger could be a match made in musical heaven, especially in the way she was adopted and named. “When I first got her she was dancing around on the floor and she looked like Ginger Rogers,” laughs O’Day, as she looks lovingly at her little one. “I think that you just know when you see them!”

O’Day remains firm that the only puppy love she has in her life is Ginger (and not, as rumored, Hairspray cast-member Ashley Parker Angel), and it’s obvious that she feels an unrivaled connection with her pampered pooch.

“I don’t just love her because she’s cute…I love her because she really makes everyone so happy! I mean, when people in the [Hairspray] cast are in a bad mood, they’ll come up and play with her and just be happy,” smiles O’Day.

Never one to ignore her own potential, O’Day gave into her passion for fashion and created her own apparel line, Heart On My Sleeve, based around bright t-shirts printed with witty, sometimes ironic, phrases.

“It’s something that I’ve done for awhile,” O’Day explains, “I always used to make shirts when I got out of relationships, or was hurt by something in life. I always felt like I needed to express myself, so I would put sayings or messages or things that I was feeling on shirts. And then slowly but surely all my friends wanted me to make them for them!’

In addition to the regular apparel and accessories, O’Day also introduced a line of funky garb for pups (designed by a Heatherette alum), each outfit glittery and eye-catching – much like her own style.

And even though Ginger sometimes gets frightened of the loud music when she tags along for her Mom’s performances, we know that, with Ginger by her side, we have a lot more to see of O’Day in the future.



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