Pinned Down & Off The Ropes With WWE Girls Candice Michelle and Maria Kanellis And Their Own Doggie Divas

Maria Kanellis and Candice Michelle with their Divas

To be a World Wrestling Entertainment Diva you’ve got to be bold, tough and in fabulous form. Divas Candice Michelle and Maria Kanellis hold to these roles while they kick butt and look great doing it—and they get there with the help of their own darling doggie workout partners.

Model, actress and Diva, Candice Michelle, clearly keeps busy. Along with her Maltese, Bam-Bam, and her Yorkie, Betty Boop, Michelle employs her love for fitness through frequent intense workouts and play sessions with her pups. The dogs, however, don’t wrestle.

“They’re both really active and really fun and like to go for runs… But they don’t like catch! ‘Go get a ball and bring it back? I’m totally not doing that, Mom!’ They like anything like tug-of-war type games and just going for walks.”

Maria Kanellis also has a canine sidekick, Gemini, a Chihuahua named after his star sign.
And while Kanellis is fearless when she gets in the ring, Gemini the Chihuahua is the ultimate social pooch.

“He loves everybody, everyone, everything,” Says Kanellis, “Doesn’t care if it’s the scariest, meanest-looking dog or a cat that’s hissing at him…He’s sort of like me in that way, very curious about the world, wants to know everything.”

Kanellis stays fit by hitting the gym when she’s on the road, incorporating some of her dance background into her workouts, and has even started to do yoga. Though Kanellis doesn’t include Gemini in her normal workout routine, traveling with the little guy is a workout in itself. “I think just carrying him in a bag in and out of airports or into hotel rooms and setting everything up for him is pretty much enough exercise!”

Both Divas love what they do, especially with canine companions by their side. “It’s so much fun,” Kanellis smiles, “And I think it became both of our passions.”

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