Hungry Girl! Lisa Lillien and Her Food-Crazy Pets

Lisa Lillien & Jackson
Lisa Lillien & Jackson

While it may not surprise you that Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien named her pet bunny Cookie, but most everything else about this media savvy girl on the go is bound to attract attention. Founding the website and list serve in 2004, Lisa planned to share tips on healthful and delicious eats with her friends and family. Within a few short years, she had to resign from her position at Warner Bros. to manage the site full time. Animal Fair chatted with Lisa about her obsessions for food, fun, and animals.


“It’s all built out of true passion. I love what I do and I love helping people. I think women obsess over their weight mostly because of what they see in the media. I think it’s terrible that many women aspire to be as thin as the people they see on TV and in magazines.”


Lisa struggled with weight issues most of her life before finally going carb-free and losing the 30 pounds she had always wanted to shed. She now maintains her weight through Weigh Watchers techniques. I asked her how her pets fit into the Hungry-girl lifestyle:


“I think dogs are fantastic exercise partners. I don’t have a dog currently but I grew up with two poodles [named Taffi and Toasty!]. I know [when I get a dog again] I’ll take him/her for long walks every day. I think dogs can definitely help people maintain their weight.”


Given Lisa’s showbiz connections, it seemed only natural for her pets to find their way in front of the camera. “She’s [Cookie] eight years old and has been on five TV shows — not because she’s a showbiz rabbit– just because my husband produces TV and always finds a way to write her into his shows! She is the cutest creature that ever lived and gives bunny kisses on demand.  She’s one-of-a-kind!” Lisa and her husband also have a cat,Jackson. “He is a rescue kitty that we’ve had for one year. Poor little guy was abandoned by a family that moved away. I saw a picture of him online at in a little cowboy hat and the next day I drove 8 hours toOaklandfrom LA to pick him up. He’s a Maine Coon and he’s very funny and gorgeous! “


I asked her if her pets were as food-obsessed as she is: “Jacksondoesn’t love to eat. He’s very picky and eats special food from a natural pet food store.  Cookie obsesses over food a little more (she’s like me!). She goes crazy over canned pumpkin, and she loves grapes, apples, and bananas!”