Brooke Mueller Spends Her Free Time With A Whole Slew of Animals


Brooke Mueller and Her Pugs


If you asked hardworking real estate investor Brooke Mueller if she worka like a dog, you might be surprised by her response. “Dogs are the laziest animals I have, they just like to sit around and have fun. So, no I don’t think so.” But the truth is that the young ambitious professional, and fiancée to actor Charlie Sheen does work like a dog, especially to keep up with her growing menagerie of animals.

Mueller has always worked hard in real estate and has always loved dogs. She was originally a fan of big dogs and had adopted several Pit Bulls from different rescue organizations but when some Pugs became available for adoption, Mueller was intrigued. Once she got her two Pugs, named Betty and Steve, she was immediately converted into a small dog lady, telling Animal Fair, “I originally didn’t choose Pugs, but now I wouldn’t want any other dog but a Pug.”

As an avid animal lover, Mueller did not stop at dogs. One day, while buying dog food at the pet store, she saw some lizards for sale in the window. “I said ‘can I play with one?’ And they picked one up and they put it in my hand and he looked up at me and he found a little place and nuzzled in my palm and fell asleep. I fell in love. And ever since then… I started with one lizard and ended up with seven.” When we asked Mueller if she slept with the lizard she giggled and responded, “Oh interesting… a long time ago… not anymore.” Maybe it’s Sheen who prefers the lizardless bed, but according to Mueller, he “tolerates” them.

In addition to the seven lizards and two Pugs, Mueller has two Toucans. The exotic animal aficionado told us, “I just thought, if I’m are getting a bird, why not the Toucan on the Fruit Loop box? It’s as simple as that! So I researched them and you can actually get them.” Mueller named the birds Bonnie and Clyde and even lets them fly around her home.

As a professional in the real estate market, Mueller knows what consumers should look for when purchasing a dog-friendly home. On her list of must-haves?  A backyard. “It depends on what pet. Dogs need some place where they can run around, if you can afford it. If you have the option, definitely some natural, natures land, something like that where they don’t feel like they are in an apartment or a house with just walls. They are meant to be outside and if you can emulate that in your own home, it’s great.” For now Mueller is busy redesigning homes and preparing for her wedding with Sheen, but what are Brooke Mueller’s plans for the future? “I think to be a mother and raise a family and take care of animals. I really want to take care of animals and be involved in animal charities. I can’t stand to watch animals get tortured, even though I know it’s not real on television or movies.”


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