American Gladiator’s Hollywood “The Wolf” Yates Is An Animal in the Arena

Hollywood Yates is not your typical tough-guy. Taking the stage as a Gladiator on the hit NBC TV show, American Gladiators, the 6 foot-four inches and 235 pound Yates has earned the nickname “The Wolf” for his rough exterior, aggressive competitive style and guttural “attack” yell. But he also has a soft spot for animals, and surrounds himself with pets—including a newly-acquired wolf pup to honor his own professional moniker.


After 23 years as a world title-winning bullfighter and rodeo clown, Yates took his athletic abilities to the ring as a pro wrestler with the WWE, where he was then recruited for American Gladiators, now in its second season. Clearly in peak physical condition, Yates prides himself in his own health and his animals: a full-blooded wolf pup named Bodhi and a half wolf hybrid named Lucy; some Yellow Lab mixes, a black Lab-Pitbull mix, and a black Chow-German Shepherd Mix.


“When I take the animals out to exercise, we’ve got a half acre, so they’re constantly playing with eachother and running. We’ll also take two or three of them on a walk with us, usually for a little over three miles.” Yates says.


Though Yates doesn’t bring his pets to work (they stay at home with his wife in Phoenix, AZ), the Gladiators producers are dying for Yates to bring the male wolf pup, Bodhi, to the show for some air time. Yates said he’ll bring him along, but only “when he’s older and has some manners,” he laughs.


Yates works hard, keeps fit, and advises others to do the same, but to also take a breather from time to time.


“Step back and look at what you’ve accomplished so far and just enjoy it. Enjoy the fact that you’re alive, take the time to go on vacation, even if you don’t actually go anywhere. Take the time to enjoy your family, and enjoy your animals.”


With this wise life philosophy, “animal” magnetism, and the drive to succeed, we’re bound to see more of Hollywood Yates in the future. And if all goes according to his plan, we’ll not only be seeing more of him on American Gladiators, but also on the big screen and with his own album; stay tuned!



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