Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller Steps Out in Miami with Animal Inspired Footwear

Morgan Miller brings out the creative animal in all of us. In her posh Miami boutique, named Morgan Miller, anyone can be a top shoe designer for the day by selecting from hundreds of soles, straps and buckles to create their own unique footwear. Her store features tons of animal prints and is, of course, animal friendly. Miller says, “The boutique is located just off of South Beach’s famed Lincoln Road, which is a virtual runway for dogs! Customers often come in with their playful pups in tow – dressed in Burberry and Coach. They’re more fashionable than you could imagine!”

Miller’s design leanings extend to her pets, “I have two dogs Oscar and Luca. They’re a newly cultivated breed called Murph dogs, (registered trademark) so they are extremely rare and beautiful. The breeder is based in the Hamptons and doesn’t disclose the mix.” On the personality of each pup, “Oscar is a flirt and Luca wants to cuddle all of the time.”

If she weren’t busy revolutionizing customer participation in the fashion industry, she would “love to be in a profession where I could work with animals.” After all, her designer pups make her feel “upbeat, happy and full of energy, so I am always ready to take on the world. Even when I do have a bad day, the second I walk in the door they’re there to make me smile.” Miller is originally from New York where she felt trapped by the amount of black dominating fashion. In Miami she enjoys the freedom of bright, bold colors. She is inspired by the eclectic mix of people who keep southern Florida sizzling. Her future plans involve creating “a line of doggie leashes, collars and pet carriers with a custom design concept similar to Morgan Miller shoes.” After all, she notes, “Why should people get to have all of the fun?”


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