Michael Brian Creates Fashionable Pet Photography

Michael Brian’s love of photography and creative sensibilties started as a fashion model in front of the camera. Through a natural evolution and shared knowledge, he gained valuable tips from the photographers that shot his photos and eventually he moved behind the camera. “Modeling was definitely my inspiration to shoot. I was always most interested in the production aspect of things and had plenty of time to take it all in. Always checking out the lights, art direction … everything. I would not be the photographer I am today without that experience,” Brian comments.

“My first encounter with a pet, was a dog named Pepe. He was a black Chihuahua who definitely did not like me. I was still a lil’ guy back then. Then we got a mutt named LuLu … adored her!” Brian shared his first experience with animals as a young boy growing up in Fountain Valley. He now lives in New York City, and has creatively combined his love of animals, photography, fashion, interior and exterior dйcor to form a uniquely pleasing visual style. “… I really love the juxtaposition that is created sometimes by mixing in all those elements.”


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