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Ivanka Trump and Butterscotch

Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center is one of Long Island’s oldest no-kill shelters. The staff is dedicated to saving all companion animals whose lives are threatened and/or at risk. Through rescue from kill facilities, rehabilitation of sick and unsocialized pets, and a spay/neuter program, Little Shelter is on a mission to end pet overpopulation and place all dogs and cats in loving homes.

Marilyn Di Toro, Little Shelter’s manager, reveals more about Little Shelter’s vision, “About 90% of the animals we rescue are due to be killed in local shelters, in need of medical attention, or are in very dangerous situations. Illness, injury, or old age do not deter us from rescuing a dog or cat.  Whether an animal lives an additional ten years or ten minutes, his or her life is precious. And if an animal were terminally ill and passed away shortly after rescue, we are comforted by the fact that his or her final hours were spent surrounded by love. The other 10% of the animals who come to us really need homes because their families are ready to give them to the local municipal shelter.”

All worthy animal causes and rescue shelters need media exposure and a public voice to rally support, bring awareness, and get the word out to the masses. When Marge Stein, Little Shelter’s director of public relations approached Ivanka Trump to be their spokesperson and appear in a public service announcement, Trump, an animal advocate, graciously accepted.

Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center, Long Island NY

Ivanka Trump grew up with a small petting zoo at home that included bunnies, birds, dogs, etc. She bonded with all the animals and this raised her awareness. When Animal Fair asked how someone might help Little Shelter with animal rescue, Trump expressed, “Just do it – whatever you can by participating. Little Shelter is a great organization and the management, staff and volunteers do much to save animals. If everyone did a little bit, saving one animal at a time, it would help animals that need to be rescued. Do whatever resonates with you.”

Di Toro of Little Shelter adds, “Little Shelter is always in need of volunteers. We do not receive any funding and raising money is difficult, so we cannot always increase staff.  However, we do have many programs that help both pets and people; and despite our size, we rescue thousands of animals a year. Animal lovers who have time to devote to our mission are always welcome to help us make our pets happy and comfortable. People who live too far to volunteer may make a donation to any of our meaningful lifesaving programs.”

Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center might be modest in size but they have a big heart and hold an ace of a Trump when it comes to rescuing and saving animals in need.

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