Annie Churchill

Annie Churchill with Groucho

Annie Churchill is the ultimate New York woman. She has dabbled in many things including television, volunteer work, and designing. She appeared in the summer hit The Nanny Diaries and is developing her own TV show. Dedicated to the environment, she is now founding an organization to create more green rooftops in the city.

“My love of animals definitely influences my fashion choices; I especially love zebra and leopard prints,” said the stylish Churchill.

Like so many young socialites, she is most passionate about her dog. “My dog Groucho is a Wheaten Terrier,” she continued. “He is so quirky! He sleeps with his feet in the air and blows bubbles in his water.”

But if he were a person what would he wear? “Groucho would wear sunglasses, a Yankees hat, Polo shirt and jeans – just like his dad [TV producer Andy Albert]. They are twins!”

Churchill is about to launch her second clothing line. “My old line was called AnGil, and was mostly t-shirts, sweaters and tops. The new line will be more classic – with a twist!!”

Her favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld. She comments, “I think he is a brilliant man and I learn from his designs each season.”

As for the environment, Churchill works closely with the Natural Resources Defense Counsel and Riverkeeper. Her new organization will encourage “green building” and help make New York City buildings more environmentally sound: “We’ll keep you posted on that.”


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