Cubes For Canines! Dress Your Office Without Forgetting Your Pet


Think that it’s impossible to have a stylish workspace and have your dog at work? Think again! Lifestyle designer and author of Cube Chic: Take Your Office Space from Drab to Fab Kelley Moore tells Animal Fair about keeping your pooch by your side at work. “A lot of people tend to throw a dog bed on the floor and say, ‘that’s my dog’s spot,’ but I think it’s really important to create a nice space for the dog.” Moore offers some tips on how to make your cube creative and comfy for you and your pet.

Cube Tip 1: Create a central theme that makes you and your dog happy.

Cube Tip 2: Be sure your pet has a space where he or she can get away from the office environment.

Cube Tip 3: Coordinate your decor with your dog’s outfits.

Cube Tip 4: Pets need to feel at home when in a strange space, so make sure you bring a toy or blanket from home.

Cube Tip 5: Remember that this is your dog’s space too!