Aquatic Design comes Ashore

Turtle Poster5x7_Tiff
Wyland’s beautiful sea turtle poster displayed at Atlantis Paradis Island in the Bahamas.

Sky blues and marine greens.  Blissful days spent at the beach under a tangerine sun.  Turquoise water lapping at your feet as you walk over hot white sands.  Alas, beach décor is heating up and sea turtles have become an integral part of the style.

Sea turtles are making waves.  They’re crawling ashore, providing inspiration to artists, luxury resorts and even a television series.  They have become the centerpiece of home and landscape décor.  Wyland, a world renowned marine artist, has been creating sea turtle themed works of art such as end tables, tiles and beautiful bronze sculptures.  The lost city of Atlantis has risen again under that name in Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  There sea turtles roam free in a special underwater world of architecture that transports guests into pure tranquility.  In ultra cool Miami Beach, celebrities and supermodels are mingling with sea turtles.  Even HBO’s hit television series, Entourage, couldn’t resist naming one of their lead characters, “Turtle,” played by Jerry Ferrara.

Aquatic Design            comes                 Ashore
One of Wyland’s aquatic inspired designs.

Animal Fair asked Wyland what drew him to sea turtles.

RW: I’m a diver and when I see the grace and flow of sea turtles swimming in the water, it’s like an aquatic ballet.  Out of the water their movements are cumbersome, below the surface they soar.

AF: How do you come up with designing marine-inspired home furnishings?

RW: Creating a table with a sea turtle base allows me to share with others the beauty of the underworld.  There’s a natural curiosity that sea turtles have when they are not being chased.  They’ll swim towards you, and for me to be able to capture that in a sculpture, or to be able to engrave that image into a pitcher, is wonderful.

AF: How have your clients reacted to your home décor items?

RW: It was a feeding frenzy.

AF: Everything from throw pillows to trivets, picture frames, napkin rings, glassware, beach towels and so much more can be found online at



Atlantis Paradise Island has an open-air marine habitat second only to Mother Nature.  The purity of aquatic beauty is everywhere and what gets people hooked is the ability to live out a fantasy.  Between the underwater acrylic tunnel and the rambling maze of passageways, alleyways and corridors lined with large picture-window views of the deep-water environments, there’s no escaping the nautical design.

The lost and found city of Atlantis.

AF: “A-List” crowds flock to visit Atlantis.  Everything from birthday bashes for Oprah, John Travolta and Quincy Jones to on-location shoots for movies and television shows. Is there a particular reason why?

NC: We offer a direct connect to nature.  With over 50,000 fish and sea animals, our décor isn’t typical – walls are not walls, instead they’re see-through viewing stations.  Guests are submerged and transported to a world once only imagined.

AF: Being that this is the home design issue and we’re talking about sea turtle passion, any tips?

NC: Sea turtles are natural landscapers.  They want a big beach with less rocks and more sand.



Jordanna Rubin, Environmental Manager of Miami Beach says, “Miami Beach is the place where you have the opportunity to cross paths with Madonna, J-Lo and Andy Garcia … and a beautiful sea turtle.”

Aquatic Design            comes                 Ashore
Jesse McCartney is amazed by the Atlantis sea life.

AF: The sea turtle poster is beautiful.

JA: Thanks.  We’re also putting together an eco-park along the boardwalk where we’ll have life-size turtle sculptures.  The idea is to create awareness and educate the public about the natural habitat that is endangered.  Incorporating a collectible art poster into the turtle’s home is a unique way of designing environmental exchange that looks good.  A limited edition of signed posters will be available.  Even if you’re not a sea turtle enthusiast, you will want one of these for your home.

AF: Tell me about the concept of Eco-Chic preservation?

JA: It’s an outreach program to community leaders and business owners.  The concept revolves around respecting the environment and caring for others.  It’s taking the idea of urbanization and uniting it with an updated version of hands-on conservation.  We have a matchless opportunity to highlight a unique feature of our city that is a world apart from the glittering lights.  Yet it exists within several feet from the heart of the action.

Misha Barton swims with the sea turtles at Atlantis.

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