Ask the Trainer: Bark Buster’s Trainer Jan Janecki

Bark Busters Trainer Jan Janecki Guides Parents to Becoming the “Top Dog” in the Household
Bark Busters Trainer Jan Janecki Guides Parents to Becoming the “Top Dog” in the Household

A revolutionary dog training service made its migration from Australia – where it first launched in 1989 – to the United States.  As a franchise now operating across the country, Bark Busters provides a bouquet of holistic techniques for mitigating your dog’s negative behaviors and improving obedience.  Best of all, the trainers come right to your home to get the job done in your dog’s most familiar and frequently occupied environment.

Emulating the dynamics that exist between wild canines, Bark Busters recognizes that dogs are pack animals and do respond to the presence of a leader.  This is precisely what Bark Busters trains pet owners to become.

Animal Fair caught up with Jan Janecki, a San Diego based Bark Busters animal behavioral therapist, who provides some key tips for becoming the “top dog” in your household.  Jan points out that in the animal kingdom, pack leaders always eat first and walk ahead of the troops.  To show your dog that you are the head honcho, you must do the same.  The habit of feeding your dog and then sitting down for dinner must be reversed.  “Even if you are going out to dinner, eat something as simple as a cracker before you feed your dog so that it recognizes your status,” Jan comments.

“Also, when taking the dog outside, it must sit and stay indoors until the owner has crossed the threshold of the door,” Jan mentions.  Once the owner fully steps outside, he vocalizes the release word free and the dog can exit the house.”  This goes for walking on stairs, as well.  “It’s not only a matter of leadership, but one of safety as well!” Jan says.  Having three fifty-pound bearded collies at home, she should know!

Solid communication is another essential facet in training.  Jan uses three different tones.  The happy voice is high and soft, conveying praise.  The command voice is spoken in a normal tone, while the corrective voice is uttered as a low, guttural growl.

Bark Busters ensures training guarantees that last your dog’s lifetime.  In each of her numerous endeavors, Jan has successfully instructed owners to take the leadership position.  “There are stubborn dogs,” Jan admits, “but it is a matter of who has the stronger will!”


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