Have Your Pet Looking the Festive Best With a Holiday Mutt-Makeover

The Holidays are the perfect time to gift your pup a new look
The Holidays are the perfect time to gift your pup a new look

The holidays are upon us and that means family get-togethers, company parties, friend’s soirees and sometimes a romantic setting just for two (maybe three including your pet)! You may have already decided on what you will be wearing for all the festivities, but what about your pet? Since your four-legged best friend will undoubtedly be included in all the season’s cheer, why not give your canine or feline a Holiday Mutt-Makeover! The first stop with should be to the groomers for a beauty snout-to-paw once over!


An accredited, experienced and nationwide place to have your cat or dog groomed for the holidays is Petco. This well-known pet establishment offers Full-service Grooming which includes a fifteen minute brush out, bath, haircut, blow dry, tooth brush services (dogs only), ear cleaning, anal gland check, nail trimming, ribbons and even cologne! And if that isn’t enough Petco also provides a Petco P.A.L.S Grooming Club card. The membership card entitles the recipient to one free grooming session for your pet after your eighth Full-service, Self-service, Dog Wash, or Full-service Bath session. You might even consider this as a holiday gift for a family member or friend whose dog or cat has been looking a little scruffy lately! Grooming session prices range from $20 – $83. For more information visit: www.petco.com.


Petco has provided Animal Fair with the following “before and after” Holiday Mutt-Makeover examples that might just give you some ideas for your own pet during this celebratory season!


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