Dear @LuckyDiamond: I’m In Puppy Love!

Can these two star-crossed puppy lovers overcome their obstacles?


Dear Lucky,

I am writing because I have been hit hard with a case of puppy love! I am a pure bred Maltese, just like you, and I need your help. Mister Mutt is a Bulldog, too big to play with little old me, says my owner Marie, even though his owner is a cute young guy her age! Each time I see him at the park, he gives a bark – and I whimper. How ever will I get to see my one true love?

– Sammy, Savannah, Georgia


Dear Sammy,

Well, well…a Maltese in love! Have no fear. I have some great ideas on how to get your man. Next time you’re at the park, give a tug at your leash in the right direction towards that bulldog babe and assure your owner with some sweet kisses that there’s some good in it for her too! Don’t give in easily. Show her your pup-matching skills – you can do it!


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