What A Lucky Dog!


Traveling is a time of adventure, relaxation, discovery and sometimes – even romance. Whether your destination is an exotic island, a mountain resort, historical city, European villa, or the local park for the day, one guarantee is that you’ll see men with their dogs. That’s why the perfect handbook for your vacation excursion is What A Lucky Dog! How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs.

Wendy Diamond, founder and editorial director of Animal Fair, has written this ultimate dating guidebook for dog and men lovers. If you’re searching for true love, dating, or you want to spend time getting to know your husband or boyfriend better during your travels, then this humorous and insightful book will provide you with inside clues to the man in your life by the dog(s) he owns. What A Lucky Dog! How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs is a thought-provoking book compiled of finely picked breeds, training tips, success stories, and celebrity examples!

Let’s say a single woman takes a trip to a new exciting city, she’s sitting alone in a cozy cafe and suddenly an attractive man sits next to her with his Pug. What should she do next? First, pull out What A Lucky Dog! and read about the personality traits of the Pug man.




Give the Pug a hug! Mr. Pug is the funny looking man with big bold expressive eyes. And yes, he could use some moisturizer on those wrinkles and laugh lines. Blame his ancestors for his wrinkles! They travel and moved from ancient China, to Europe, and finally to the United States. Exhausting just thinking about it! Mr. Pug man is a diminutive man, but still confident, playful, and a dignified companion. By far, his most distinctive attribute is his witty sense of humor. Laughter is a well-known aphrodisiac and Mr. Pug will have you turned-on with a smile. He’s a show-off and has a reputation for cavorting around town. Don’t let this intimidate you, instead get dressed to the nines and join him!

Are you worried that the Pug man isn’t serious enough to settle down and make a firm commitment? He is highly affectionate, likes to please, a true best friend and family man. When you do get to house hunting together, choose a city or town with cooler climates, such as Seattle or San Francisco. He doesn’t do well in the heat.

The Pug man’s chosen profession might be comedy writer, comedian, school or camp counselor, restaurant maitre d’, teacher or personnel executive. He excels in occupations where social skills, leadership and levity are required. Cheers to funny sitcom Pug men Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson, for comically entertaining audiences for over two decades! Mr. Pug will have you laughing all the way to the altar.


Naughty Dog

Although Mr. Pug is a sweetie at heart, he does have a very stubborn streak. He can be quite obstinate and mouthy when opposed. Sometimes he possesses the awkward foot-in-mouth syndrome. The Pug man can crack a joke at the exactly the wrong time.


New Trick

The Pug man’s always on the go and can get so distracted he forgets to put his shoes on before he walks out the front door. Show him that repetition and a balanced schedule will keep his life more organized.

Next, now that she realizes the Pug man has a sense of humor, she might try to break the ice by telling him a clever joke and if she doesn’t have one in mind, introduce him to What A Lucky Dog! as an opening conversation line and hopefully a second cup of coffee.

A woman and her husband finally take the trip to Hawaii they’ve dreamt about for years. After several days on the beach, the woman notices her husband is suddenly having a bout of wanderlust and keeps disappearing for hours. Finally she catches him at the cabana bar having a drink with a strange woman wearing a bikini. How should she react without causing tension? Pick up What A Lucky Dog!, then read and practice the fun training tips section, especially the Stay command.



When it comes to men and dogs they either Stay or stray. It’s up to you to show your man that it’s more advantageous for him to stay than go. The Stay command will prevent your man from running out the front door every time it opens, discourage him from flirting with the new office hottie, and make him think twice when other dogs call him out to run with the wolves every night. Stay works especially well coupled with the No command. As with all the training tips, consistency from the start will produce positive results. Let’s say the man you desire is over for a romantic evening and his cell phone rings. He answers, and gets a last minute invitation to join the wild pack at a club opening. He asks if it would be all right if he leaves and catches up with you later. Not what you intended to happen, right? Tell him firmly, No it’s not all right and then affectionately, sweetly, and seductively say, Stay. Nine times out of ten, he will rethink his options and decide to spend time with you. If this command doesn’t work the first time you say Stay, try using his name the second time, for example; Stay Peter. You’ll have the confirming pleasure of watching him melt and turn off his cell phone!

The above situations are just a couple examples out of hundreds on how this special relationship guidebook can enhance and benefit your love life. Wherever your travels might take you and even if you decide to stay close to home, What A Lucky Dog! How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs, will provide you with all the guidance you need to start a romance or keep the fire burning in one that already exists by truly knowing the men in your life through the dog(s) he owns!

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