I left my heart in San Francisco … and then I brought my dog


san fran

Reh is confident that her perception of reality is right on target.  And she especially feels that being shorter than everyone gives her the advantage.

[the bark] An enlightened viewpoint depends on where you are standing.


SAN FRANCISCO, voted the #1 healthiest city in the United States is the perfect place for pups! With its notoriously hilly terrain, it’s sure to get that heart rate up for both you and your dog.  Reh, boutique Simply She’s poster dog, and star of Simply Dog, a book of life lessons taken from the canine set, has some tips for any vacationing quadruped enjoying the city – but take heed – it’s easy to fall in love with the place.


Maria Peevy, founder of boutique, Simply She, wrote Simply Dog to share that a dog’s life (and really all pet’s) can be extremely therapeutic for us dog guardians.   Says Peevy, “Reh helped me get back to basics so to speak.  Whether it is as simple as taking her to the beach and tossing ball with her – it works to help me let life’s stresses fall into place and remind myself what’s important ala big picture – finding contentment and joy in being in the moment and managing to put priorities in place even with my (everyone’s) very busy life.  All the “Barks” in Simply Dog are universal truths – life lessons, to remind ourselves of the rather obvious but quite often forgotten basic messages for feeling good about yourself and your life.”  Simply Dog – Life Lessons that Bark, by Maria Peevy and Megan Weinerman can be found at a bookstore near you. (Stewart Tabori and Chang, 2003)


Best Day Getaway:

Stinson Beach

Dogs run free on this pretty stretch of beach. With the sun on your back and sand between your toes, you and your dog can walk for hours, or just claim a spot and toss a Frisbee or a ball.



Best Canine Coiffeurs:

Russian Hill Dog Grooming

The perfect neighborhood dog styling essential.  Dirty dogs come out looking especially beautified and pampered ready for a fabulous night out on the town. VIP customers include the “dogs of” Danielle Steele and Charlize Theron among others!

Russian Hill Dog Grooming

1929 Hyde Street

San Francisco, CA



Best Dog Boutique:


A mini Neiman Marcus for dogs.  George is loaded with the best a dog could desire in boutique style, featuring dog treats, clothing, bedding and must-have fashion collars and matching leashes.


2411 California Street

San Francisco, CA



Favorite Dog Sitters:

Dogma Pet Sitting

Owned by Dianne Means, Dogma provides daily doggie trips out to Fort Funston and Chrissy Field to help bored stay-at-home dogs get out and about.  Dogma also provides weekend dog sitting, training and hiking.

Dogma, The Urban Dog Social Club



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