Sunny Side Up – Animal Friendly Beauty Products Perfect for Summer!


Keeping well bronzed and coiffed has never been easier. Put your best foot forward, and dive into the newest trends in bronzers, sunblocks, and foot scrubs—all “musts” for a sizzling summer!

Think a quick slather of sunblock at the pool is adequate ammo against the heat, humidity, dehydration and damaging rays? Think again.

As skincare has developed into its own billion-dollar business with entire departments of scientists dedicated to cosmetology, it’s no surprise that there are complete interactive lines geared to protecting the hair and body against the sun and its consequences.

Established and new brands alike have developed “micro” lines solely dedicated to the suncare sector. Department store standby Clarins offers a depth of choices in the self-tanning arena, while Sephora favorite DDF provides a myriad of dermatologist-formulated SPF 15 and 30 gels and creams. Becca, the Australian cosmetics company, has expanded its range to include foundations and secondary products infused with SPF, bronze-tinted blushers and tanning gels.

The summer is the most sinister time of year for permanent damage not only to the dermis, but also to fried follicles, flaky scalp, and cracked feet.

Dr. Steven J. Pearlman MD, a Park Avenue dermatologist and plastic surgeon, is not surprised to see the competition on the specialty-store shelves.  Pearlman suggests looking for Parsol 1789 and titanium dioxide as the active ingredient in sunblock lotions.  Parsol 1789 is effective in blocking UVA rays, the ones responsible for damage and deep wrinkling. Antioxidants provide sun protection against UV damage to cells that would otherwise advance aging of the skin. DDF, Osmotics, and Neutrogena meet the prerequisites, and offer a broad choice of products.

To get that sun-kissed look while slathered in sunblock, try a self-tanning lotion. Several formulas have made strides in achieving a genuine bronzed look, thanks to the inception of Dihydroactetone. DHA, as it’s often listed, is ingredient that mimics an actual suntan, rather than a coat of orange paint.

Geomer has just applied the finishing touches on an entire regimen to protect skin from summer’s brutalities, which uses an organic form of DHA derived from tree bark in the self-tan formula. Due to the tinted color of the gel, it’s easy to apply evenly – no guesswork!  Since DHA interacts directly with the top layer of skin cells, exfoliation is recommended prior to application to ensure a smooth palette.

Your mane, however, is likely to receive more abuse from the sun than even your face.  Gil Ferrer Salon in New York City has developed an eight-piece interactive line designed to protect your tresses from the heat, humidity, and the sun’s natural bleaching agents.  Ferrer includes an SPF factor in his products that span preventative care (try Swiftcomb) and repair formulas (we like Microdepth).

No matter how resolutely you protect yourself, it’s impossible to completely avoid cracked and dehydrated skin.  With the fun and ease of travelling barefoot, it’s the feet that will often tolerate the most flaking and peeling.  Try a regular regimen of exfoliation and moisturizing of the soles. Archipelago offers a series of treatments infused with milk to use in succession that smell divine, and remedy tough skin. Follow the soak, scrub, and moisture regimen, and your thirsty feet will be pedi-ready.

Even the most faithful beach bum can maintain healthy skin and hair by utilizing common sense in protecting her most prized corporal possessions, and staving off the menacing maladies of leatherface, crispylocks, and crustyfoot.

Becca Cosmetics’ Pressed Powder Bronzer; Luminious Skin Color in SPF 20; Translucent Bronzing Gel; Stick Foundation with SPF 30; Creme Blusher. Bergdorf Goodman or


Gil Ferrer MicroDepth, Hair Rescue, Bio Moisture, Swift Comb, and CoolScalp products and treatments: Gil Ferrer Salon, or 800-661-7956


Archipelago Milk Foot Soak: call 800-399-4994. Geomer Self-Tanning Gel: Henry Bendel. Osmotics Protection Extreme Sunblock: Sephora. Osea Sea Plasma Hydrator:



Most fashion show producers and party planners like to thank their guests with a proper send-off as the music slows

down; and attendees can usually expect some sort parting gift in the form of a goodie bag. To commemorate our

third annual “Paws For Style” fundraiser and canine couture runway show, we went all-out to express our gratitude to our

gracious models and participating designers.

Amongst all of the other cool stuff bursting out of the VIP bags, was a sampling of the finest beauty products on the market

hand-picked by AF, sure to be welcomed in the medicine cabinets of fabulous and talented actors, entertainers, and artists.

Take a look at what Willa Ford, Audrey Quock, Jane Clayson, Rob Thomas, Lil’ Kim, Cynthia Rowley, Kate Spade, Vera Wang, and SNL’s Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch received on their doorsteps following the event benefiting the Humane Society of New York!



1. EcoLogix EcoVenus Super Sweet Sugar Glow for bath and shower, call (866) 255-9775 for a retailer near you;



2. Urban Decay Wonder Brush, available at Sephora;



3. Stephen Est. 1985 Body Cleanser, available at;



4. Archipelago Soy Crème Milk, call (800) 399-4994 for aretailer near you;



5. Apothia fragrance, available at;


6. Alive Rose Hydrating Mist, available at;



7. Archive Matchbook Gift Candle, call (800) 208-1922 for a retailer near you;



8. DDF Glossy Lip Therapy, available at Nordstrom’s;



9. Terax Crema Conditioner, available at Sephora;



10. Weleda Iris Night Cream, available at;



11. Doll Face Perpetual Moisture Cream, available at;



12. Girl 28 ‘Splash’ Body Spritzer, available Henri Bendel;



13. Too Faced Cosmetics Gossip Gloss in ‘Rumor,’ available at Bergdorf Goodman.



14. DDF Strawberry Almond Face Polish, available at Nordstrom’s.



15. Lippmann Collection Nail Color in ‘Satin Doll,” available at


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