Kangaroo Jack – The Hopping and the Humped

Jerry O’Connell, Kangaroo Jack and Anthony Anderson.

The hopping and the humped take center stage in this animal friendly flick.

“What better adventure could you imagine than riding a camel alongside a hopping kangaroo?”  Anthony Anderson, starring in Kangaroo Jack to be released on January 17th, says he loved every moment of filming this star-studded comedy.  Anderson, alongside Jerry O’Connell, Christopher Walken, Estella Warren, and Dyan Cannon, found himself in the Australian outback chasing a marsupial wearing a stolen red jacket that contained mob money in one of the pockets (the jacket’s, not the kangaroo’s).  Unlikely, yes, silly even, but passing a couple hours in a theater to watch Kangaroo Jack is surely a fun way to spend an afternoon.


The story starts when two Brooklyn friends (Anderson and O’Connell) get entangled with the mafia and are directed to make a drop-off down under.  The money is safely stashed away in Anderson’s coat.  Through a slapstick turn of events, a wily kangaroo gets hold of the loaded jacket and sets off the chase.  Instead of pursuing the animal by foot, the New Yorkers choose camels (naturally?).  “It was so fun,” Anderson says.  “I had to prepare by going to camel jockey school in Melbourne.  There is a surprisingly large camel population in Australia – it’s something most people don’t know.”  He called the camels ”almost human,” but he jokes, “they have very bad gas problems” – word to the wise, “never stand behind one.”


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