Twelve Weeks To Wellness For Your Pet

wellness photo dog with stick in his mouth
A wellness dog plays fetch with a stick!


Spring and Summer are right around the corner! We, along with our furry companions, have spent the long winter indoors and are feeling the rejuvenating warmth of the sun on our bodies and the fresh green grass under our feet and paws.  Now is the perfect time to focus on the things that make us feel great, share them with our pets, and enjoy them to the fullest.   Certified Animal Wellness Consultant  and inventor of  The Walk In SyncThe Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System , Alecia Evans  focuses on understanding the inner emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the animals that share our lives with us.  Evan’s approach focuses on prevention as the best medicine. She takes into account the whole animal: its history, living environment, owner, nutrition, and emotional and spiritual state.  She utilizes intuitive medical diagnosis, telepathic communication, nutritional counseling, and recommendations for natural alternative therapies such as flower essences, herbs and homeopathic remedies.   Evan’s explores how the same aspects that help us feel good can be applied to our animals to ensure their well-being.  The following are her five suggested areas to monitor over the next 12 weeks to bring about the greatest sense of wellness in your pet.

FOOD:  We begin with the most fundamental area in our lives – food.  Like the old adage says: “You are what you eat”.  It has been my experience that one of the major contributing factors to poor health in animals is due to the quality of nutrition they receive.  We can all agree that eating a well-balanced, high-quality, nutrient-dense diet is essential to one’s overall health and well-being. Our pets’ deserve the same considerations.  Some commercially produced foods have a tendency to use poor quality ingredients from poor quality sources which have had all of the nutrients processed or cooked out of them.  They also tend to have harmful by products and preservatives added to them to extend their shelf life (such as BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin).  In addition, foods that remain in opened bags for over a month may develop molds and bacteria that can contribute to an overall decline in your pet’s immune system when fed on a regular basis.  Most owners are unaware of these circumstances, as their veterinarian has recommended these foods.  Good food is the key to good health. It is a common myth that pets should only eat ‘pet’ food and people should only eat ‘people’ food.  Another myth is that animals are carnivores and only eat meat.  Many dogs, and even some cats, do very well with a vegetarian diet.  I have found that home cooked, human quality food that is properly supplemented to be a great asset to your pets’ overall health and vitality. Spring and  Summer is a great time to eat well and cook for yourself and your animals.  It’s fun and easy too!

MASSAGE:  The next area to explore is massage.  Many people enjoy the benefits of a weekly ‘rub-down’.  The hands-on technique of manipulating sore and tight muscles helps to release pent up stresses and leaves one feeling at ease.  The same can be true for our pets.  Animals are tactile beings that benefit from being touched.  Like their owners, they are susceptible to tension, tightness and stress – a majority of which comes from living with humans in unnatural environments.  Loving Touch for Animals® is a wonderful way to help our furry friends feel great and remain healthy and relaxed.  It is an energetic balancing technique that can be applied in person or at a distance.  As a result of my experiences with Qi Gong, Reiki, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and applying this work with my own dogs, I began to understand how sensitive animals are to subtle energy changes.  Loving Touch for Animals® has been applied in cases of arthritis, spinal injuries and misalignments, irritable bowel syndrome, hip dysplasia, hyperactivity, nervousness, aggression, kidney and liver illnesses, and lethargy, with great success. The summer season brings with it an increased level of activity, so now is the perfect time for a ‘Loving Touch’ session to ensure a pain-free, fun-filled season.

Tug of war games are fun for both pets and guardians.
Tug of war games are fun for both pet and guardian.


EXERCISE:  As we have become busy with the details of our daily lives, we have moved away from the simplicity and joy that life brings us.  We exercise to stay healthy and fit.  It is important that our pets exercise as well.  Yoga and meditation are excellent tools, as they resonate with our peaceful and centered energy – why not include them in your pets’ daily practices also?  Where do you think the names came from for poses like- Down Dog, Up Dog and Cat Stretch?  An outdoor workout on a bright sunny morning with your best friend can be just the trick to start both of your days in a balanced and healthy manner.

COMMUNICATION:  Clear communication is the foundation of a harmonious relationship.  It is a vital component in order to feel at peace and in balance with ourselves and the world around us.  We have become accustomed to or trained to find unclear communication to be acceptable.  To animals, this complicates things.  Our pets think in pictures and they feel the subtle and unconscious energetic vibrations that we send out to them.  They understand our words and know when they do not match the images in our minds, and this creates confusion and frustration on both sides.  Animals require clear communication, so when owners cannot decipher their animals messages, I assist in bridging that gap of understanding.  I teach humans how to communicate more effectively with their animals and clear up mixed messages they may be sending out.

HOME ENVIRONMENT:  One last aspect to consider is the home or work environment in which your pet lives.  Our pets spend 95% of their lives in the home.  We have the opportunity to step out, to socialize, and to get some fresh air to clear our heads.  Our animals, unfortunately, do not have that same luxury.  Given that they are sensitive to energy on a very subtle level it is up to us as their care providers to ensure a loving, peaceful, and harmonious living environment.  I have worked with many animals that have developed illnesses as a result of excessive stress and tension going on at home.  Free up your home of unnecessary tension and open up the windows of your inner home to the fullness of unconditional love and even apply the techniques of Feng Shui in your home to create a more harmonious and free flowing environment.

Summer brings about feelings of openness and expansion as life is coming into full bloom.  These five areas greatly contribute to the overall health and well-being of ourselves as well as our best friends.  You can use the twelve weeks of summer to help improve the overall wellness of your companion.  Have a great one together!

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