Sophie B. Hawkins: In Tune With Animals


Sophie B. Hawkins
Sophie B. Hawkins

The multi-talented recording artist, Sophie B. Hawkins’ greatest dream is, “that all people who love animals consistently share their wisdom so humanity can make a leap in consciousness.”

Like many people who have been profoundly affected by the presence of pets in their lives, Sophie B. Hawkins’ transformation occurred five years ago when she moved from New York City to Los Angeles.  Her commitment to animals began when she brought home a stray cat, which she named Owl.

“Owl is the master of me.  I might be her physical protector, but she is my spiritual guide,” says Hawkins.  “We have a psychic link—a spiritual connection.  Owl lies on my chest when I’m sleeping and if I have a bad dream, she growls.”

In the years that followed, animals, especially her deep spiritual connection to Owl, brought Sophie a new understanding that she had never felt before.  “In the past, I couldn’t face deep emotional issue,” she says.  “Animals brought me back to my creativity.”  Like so many animal lovers before her, Hawkins feels “comfort” and “safety” in the company of her pets.

Sophie’s household of pets resembles a small menagerie.  Besides her two cats, Owl and Puck, her family has also been joined by a Labrador retriever, Virginia, who she calls “V”, Yahoo and Skeeter, her dachshunds, a parrot named Winchel and two canaries, Charlotte and Sherbert.  The main reason that Sophie B. Hawkins has such a collection of furry and feathered friends is because she maintains an open door policy with regard to homeless animals.  “I exist to connect animals and find them homes,” says Hawkins, “even my own.”

Clearly, animals have inspired Hawkins spiritually, but they have also inspired her musically.  Her song, “Mmm, My Best Friend,” is about “V”.  “My cat, Chimney, would jump on the piano and play jazz as if she was Thelonious Monk reincarnated,” she says, reminiscing about her dear departed pet.  Hawkins adds that, “Owl prefers the cello over the piano.  She gets a little jealous of the time I spend in the studio.”

Sophie B. Hawkins is devoted to animals and is committed to finding a sanctuary for those animals in danger of becoming extinct.  Hawkins will soon be traveling to Costa Rica where she will be working on a story for Ted Turner, which will address the rapid decline of Caribbean sea turtles.  This spring, she will be re-releasing her latest CD, Timbre, on her new label, Trumpet Swan Records, and donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations working to protect species in danger of extinction.

As always, it is refreshing to meet celebrities like Hawkins, who use their star status to benefit the countless number of animals in need in our world today.  Animal Fair salutes the good work of Sophie B. Hawkins.


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