Aspen Vacation


This season, Animal Fair takes you to Aspen, Colorado, one of the world’s leading resorts town, where skiers, celebrities, socialites, and animal lovers meet to enjoy what the cold weather has to offer.

The images you see on the following pages were taken by some of Aspen’s most talented photographers and are brought to you by Photographers Aspen, an agency known for its unique array or contributing photographers. Here, we hear from the artists; they reflect on photography, Aspen and working with some of their most fascinating subjects – the animals.

Michael Brands:

“Why should anyone come to Aspen? Where else can your dog stay in a five-star hotel, get doggie biscuits at the front desk of every bank and retail store, and have the concierge take them for a daily walk?”

David Hiser:

“Aspen is one of the most beautiful locations on earth – no matter what season you decide to visit – you will be knocked out by the natural beauty. In the warmer months you can choose from hundreds of local hikes, horseback riding, llama pack trips, camping, rafting, paragliding etc. In the winter, you can partake in early morning nature tours on top the mountains, on snowshoe, and of course you can ski, snowboard, ice-skate, dog sled etc. If outdoor rec is not your thing, take advantage of the multitude of cultural events in the area – Aspen Art Museum, The Wheeler Opera House, Comedy Festival, Film Festival, Jazz Festival, Theatre in the Park etc. – there is never a dull moment.”


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