Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers and her dog Sam
Joan Rivers and her dog Sam

When it comes to trends and style in the world of fashion, nobody knows what’s hot and what’s not better than Joan Rivers, and the one thing that will be in fashion with the comedienne / talk show host / entrepreneur is her love of animals.

“I can’t imagine what life would be like without my dogs,” says Joan. “I spoil them rotten too. They are a major part of everything I do.” Joan has a Boston Terrier and two Norwich Terriers. Spike, Veronica and Lu Lu are Joan’s biggest fans and she is theirs.

Joan frequently takes her four-legged pals on the set with her. And if you want to stay on the star’s good side, have a pocket full of gourmet doggie biscuits on the ready, because this one funny ladt who sees nothing funny about people who aren’t fond of pets.

“Anyone who doesn’t like animals, unless they’re allergic to them, is a person you should be wary of,” Joan insists.

“Two things I always am aware of are how people dress and how they treat animals.”


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