Adam Sandler in Little Nicky

Adam Sandler and Beefie, in "Little Nicky"
Adam Sandler and Beefie, in “Little Nicky”

Actor/comedian Adam Sandler is already one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but in his new fall realease, Little Nicky, he is absolutely otherworldly! In the film, Sandler stars as a shy and awkward guy with a penchant for for heavy metal music. One other thing… Adam (Little Nicky), is the son of the Devil and lives in Hell.

Of course even the son of the Devil loves animals, and Sandler’s sidekick in the films is an adorable bull dog named Beefie. Off the set Beefie responds to his given name, Harvey. Together, demon and doggie save the world and restore the upset balance between good and evil.

Sandler and the dog were, “chumming around quite a bit on the set,” says Steve Berens, Harvey’s trainer. Perhaps it was Sandler’s on-screen rapport with the pet-celeb that inspired him to adopt a bulldog puppy of his own shortly after the shoot! Adam named his new friend “Meatball” – we can only speculate that “Beefie” was the inspiration behind then name. What is life like for Meatball at the Sandler home? We suspect the pup is happy with his new friend – who wouldn’t be? “He’s a great guy. He’s got it all together,” Berens says of Sandler. “We got the puppy for him and they are doing great.”