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Would Olympian Star Ryan Lochte’s Dog As A Co-star Make Better TV?


This Sunday was the premiere of  London Olympics star Ryan Lochte,”What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” on E!. In his new reality show of that title, Ryan takes audiences along for the wild ride that is his life — hanging with his family, zip lining with his friends and dating.

The Olympic athlete explained the show’s main goal is to raise “swimming awareness” and make it bigger than it was at the Olympics. In addition to raising the popularity of his sport, Ryan lets fans into his dating life. “I’m a single guy, so, you’ll see me going out on a couple dates on the show. You know, just trying to find that one true love.” Well, he hasn’t found that one true love yet, but “WWRLD?” will show him going on different dates.

What about pets? Despite still being in search of woman love, has Ryan found puppy love yet? Well yes! And for us animal lovers, the show would be better if they just followed his dog!

Every superstar needs a best friend he can confide in, and for Olympian sensation Ryan Lochte his furry Doberman, Carter has been that! Before Locke won two gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal in the London Olympics (winning a total of 11 medals including the Athens and Bejing Olympics), Carter was his training wing dog.

Ryan Lochte and his Carter!

Ryan Lochte and his Carter!

The three-year-old Doberman doesn’t like water (or the doggie paddle), but helped Ryan “The Lochtenator” cross-train by going for long runs with him on a regular basis.

What does it say about a man when he identifies closely with a certain breed? Animal Fair Media’s Wendy Diamond wrote the bestselling book titled How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs, and reveals what might be at the core of Olympian Ryan Lochte winning ways through his Doberman, Carter!

Personality traits of a Doberman pet parent, like Lochte, show a strongly protective and possessive person when it pertains to people and things they love. Lochte will be guarding his prized medals under lock and key.

The Dober-man is highly athletic (just a canine coincidence?) and high strung. If they fear their loved ones are threatened in any way, or if they are, they will bark “back off” in a convincing territorial protest. Swimming his way to victory at the Olympics secured medals for the American team, and out swam the other competing countries. Lochte is loving, trustworthy, and a devoted family man, that would love little (human) pups in his future! All this info and more is in the best selling book – How to Understand men Through Their Dogs!

How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs!

How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs!

Ryan Lochte and Carter share a special bond – man’s best furry friend! Congrats to Ryan Lochte and for making the U.S.A. proud!

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