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Real Housewives Of New York’s @CountessLuann ‘s Real Puppy Love!


LuAnn and her dog aston

The Countess and Aston looking regal.

Countess Luann Gets Real About Petiquette

“Money Can’t Buy You Class “- But enables Aston lots of treats:)

On the heels of taping the next season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City , I caught up with the Countess Luann de Lesseps and her Westie, Aston. What most people don’t realize besides being a recognizable television personality, the Countess has countless careers; fashion model, author, and recording artist. Her courtesy title comes from a previous marriage to Frenchman Count Alexandre de Lesseps, a descendant of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the architect of the Suez Canal. Busy lady!

I imagine jet setting with European aristo-cats is where Countess Luann picked up more than a few etiquette pointers. Her bestselling book; Class with the Countess, How to Live with Elegance and Flair is raising the social bar for many New Yorkers. Being a class act includes giving back, the Countess volunteers and lends her support to the American Cancer Society, GLAAD, The Auditory/Oral School of Brooklyn and The Humane Society of New York.



The Countess Luann’s French man – Jacques Azoulay.


As for romance, it would seem Countess Luann has a thing for French men. She’s been seen everywhere, including rendezvousing in Paris with her latest love; Jacques Azoulay. Ooh la la!

WD: If Jacques was a breed of dog, what would he be?

CL:   The French mountain dog – Saint Bernard!

WD: Why, besides the French connection?

CL:   Like the Saint Bernard, Jacque has a keg around his neck, which in his case is usually wine [laughs]. He’s strong, and he came to see me. Jacques has the coloring of a Saint Bernard; the dark tan, the dark eyes.

WD: If your Westie, Aston was a celebrity – who would he be?

CL:   Aston would be Clint Eastwood.

WD: You just made my day – tell me more?

CL:   Aston is physically powerful and has an equally strong personality. He loves the outdoors and is very masculine. Aston’s top dog and in charge of our house – he’s just a cool guy.

WD: I’m assuming Aston – as in Aston Martin?

CL:   It wasn’t me that named him. My ex had an Aston Martin, and my son Noel loves Aston Martins because his father loves Aston Martins, so that’s how Aston came about!

WD: Why the Westie breed?

CL:   Noel really wanted a Westie, Aston’s really Noel’s dog. He researched Westies and he became infatuated with the breed. I think every boy should have a dog, so I let him pick whatever breed he wanted, and that’s how we got Aston.

WD: You are renowned for etiquette especially since your book; Class with the Countess, hit the shelves. What’s your advice on proper ‘petiquette’ when bringing your own dog to a person’s home?

CL:   I think if you bring your dog to someone’s home, you should ask first. I’ve had people in the past come to my dinner party with three dogs, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean hair everywhere, and what if you have another guest who’s allergic? Of course, if you’re going to bring your dog anywhere, always call in advance and ask if it’s okay.

WD: Do you and Aston get along with Jill Zarin’s dog Ginger?

CL:   Hmm, Ginger likes to bark a lot and gets a little nippy…

WD: Do you share your ‘petiquette’ lessons with Jill & Ginger?

CL:   No, because I think there’s no way Ginger is going to listen to me. It’s not about etiquette, it’s more about protection. I think very small dogs tend to be very nippy and nervous, and this is Ginger’s personality. That’s why I personally find it always better to have a dog that’s a little bigger, than a really small dog. Smaller dogs tend to be nervous. Is that true or is it just me?

WD: Yes, that can be true!


                     Countess’ Top Ten Tips To Protect Your Pet & Prevent Faux Paws!

  1. Your dog is your best friend and you love to take him everywhere, but before visiting someone’s home or bringing your pup to the party, ask the hostess if it’s a ‘dogs welcome’ event.
  2. Protect your pup. Leashes are the law in most public places for a reason and it’s not only to stop your lovable pooch from greeting everyone he meets. Leashes keep dogs alive by keeping them out of the road and out of the way of bikes, roller bladers, etc.
  3. Hydrate your dog as much as you hydrate yourself, especially in hot weather. Pups need a lot of cold water to stay healthy and cool.
  4. Buy the best food you can for you pup. You don’t want to eat food that tastes like cardboard and neither does your dog. Consider the breed, weight and age when choosing your dog’s food. Go organic if you can.
  5. Never, ever keep your pup in the car during the summer months, even with the windows cracked. The temperatures can exceed 100 degrees within a few minutes and your pup will perish from the heat.
  6. Your dog has fur but unless he’s a husky or another breed comfortable in extreme cold, invest in doggie sweaters and paw covers when it’s cold outside. If you need a warm coat, then so does your dog.
  7. Pick up the poop. Do not throw your dog’s waste in other people’s trash bins.
  8. Bring your dog to places where he can run free safely. Pups love to run, so make sure you exercise your dog every day.
  9. Pups like to play (and chew). If you don’t want your pooch to chew your Choos, then buy your pup toys and other fun little playthings.  Squeaky toys are always a hit.
  10. Keep your dog healthy by bringing him to regular vet visits and by protecting him from parasites, fleas and ticks.

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