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SNL’s Seth Meyers And His Dog Frisbee Are Up Late Night!

seth meyers dogAnimal Fair couldn’t be more excited for Seth Meyers to have hosted last night’s Emmy Awards! He is such a nice and down to earth guy. A longtime head writer on “Saturday Night Live” and host of its “Weekend Update” segment, successfully succeeded Jimmy Fallon at the 12:35 a.m. Late Night show. Fallon moved up one hour to take over Leno’s “Tonight Show” !

ALL women can agree on one of two things: we either love a man who can make us laugh, or a man who has a soft spot for furry animals and it seems as if Saturday Night Lives’ head writer Seth Meyers has both of those melting attributes; so I’ll take that back, we LOVE a man who can make us laugh and a man who loves his dog.

Now days it seems as if funny man Meyers is all over the place. Aside from seeing him as SNL’s Weekend Update anchor man, he has also hosted the Espy Awards the last three years, hosted the 2011 White House Correspondents Association dinner and has been seen hosting and attending many events all over the country. It’s safe to say that Meyers has, if not already started taking over the comedic era of our generation. So when we found out here at AnimalFair that Seth Meyers has a love for dogs we just couldn’t resist digging our little paws in and finding out what it is, or should I say WHO it is that is taking up the comedian’s time off camera and it turns out her name is Frisbee, Frisbee the Italian Greyhound.

Comedian Seth Myers resides in NYC with his Italian Greyhound, Frisbee.

Comedian Seth Myers resides in NYC with his Italian Greyhound, Frisbee.

Meyers grew up with dogs in his family’s home in the town of Bedford, New Hampshire. Catchy, none the least, Meyers talked about ‘a giant Pyrenees that so was big, he could open the doors with his paws.’ Always having a dog around the Meyers family also kept it all in the same dog breed when it came to the two dogs they always kept in their home, one Great Pyrenees and one Old English Sheep dog. He explained, when one passed away, they would replace him or her with another dog of the same breed. As a matter of fact, the family has had five sheep dogs, all named Albert! So when one of the dogs passed away while Seth was away in college his parents gave him the horrific job of telling his younger brother Josh, who attended the same school as Seth about the passing. He told his brother that he was stopping by his dorm room to hangout and that he’ll bring some sandwiches. When Meyers got to his brothers dorm room he found his brother crying. Josh stated to Seth that he already knew that the dog had died because as he said, ‘you would never bring sandwiches over to my room for no reason!’

Now let’s fast forward a couple of decades later in the lovely city of New York where Meyers lives and has his first dog ever in the city, Frisbee. Meyers and his wife decided to get the Italian Greyhound when they babysat a dog of the same breed for a friend and decided that an Italian Greyhound is perfect for them. Being that it’s the holidays aka Meyers favorite time of year he explains all the excitement as well as all the holiday parties and to no surprise it’s also Frisbee’s favorite time. There’s no better partner in crime at a holiday party than your very own four legged best friend, but even Meyers has a hard time keeping an eye on his Greyhounds every move. “My biggest food fear when I host a holiday party is Frisbee,” Meyers explains. “She can jump on a table and get away with a large amount of finger food before you even notice the blur.”

Seth Meyers  and Frisbee  eaiting in Vogue!

Seth Meyers and Frisbee eaiting in Vogue!

With his new job, it’s safe to say that Seth Meyers has a lot going on in his life between his career, and Frisbee. It’s not every day you hear about celebrities and their personal stories about them and their pets but when you do, it’s always a good one and I’m sure Frisbee will be going into 2013 full swing with her comedian owner.  They do say that’s a man’s best friend so hey, if Seth loves the game of Frisbee, so do we!


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