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Tonight! ON @CNBCPrimeTime @ABCSharkTank – @DaymondJohn Discusses Working Like A Dog..

Daymond John is an American businessman, author, spokesperson, fashion designer and TV personality. Most notably, Daymond is the Founder and CEO of FUBU and is an expert on marketing and creating revenue streams for new businesses. Currently, Daymond stars on the reality TV show Shark Tank, airing on ABC as one of the five “sharks” or reality investors who listen to business proposals pitched by entrepreneurs and decide whether or not to invest in their businesses. As a multi-millionaire business success-story, Daymond has written two best-selling books, both part of The Shark series, entitled Display of Power and The Brand Within, on how to excel in the vicious world of business and branding. Most recently, Daymond, inspired by Paris Hilton added to his wardrobe two furry friends–dachshunds Blake and Spartan.

Daymond is known to tote his pet pals around NYC and is even known for bringing them to work! During an exclusive interview the reason why Daymond is a pet parent to two adorable dachshunds is uncovered. Daymond explains, “You know I looked in a book and the two guys I respect had them–JFK and Clint Eastwood, it doesn’t get any better than that!”. It turns out Blake is named after Blake Harriton and Spartan is named after the movie 300! Daymond describes Blake as “demur like a cat” and Spartan as “a leader and sexy”. Yet, however different they are, Daymond adamantly exclaims they “love each other”. Daymond notes that if Spartan had a job he would be a singer and Blake would have a “manly job” in construction. To boot, Daymond gives advice on how to excel in the current job market and make your boss roll over!

“During economic times like this is when fortunes are made and when people are challenged to go out or stay home and create their own wealth because the job opportunities aren’t there…you just have to take chances…You can get your boss to roll over if you tell them what you need and you give your boss what they want…then they will roll over a little”

Even though Daymond brings his dogs to work “half the time” his keen, savvy business sensibilities have not dulled–if anything they have sharpened. This is evident to anyone who dares to read The Shark series, inspiring empowerment books outlining how companies foster loyalty relationships with buyers and how entrepreneurs gain consumer support by getting purchasers to identify with a certain brand or lifestyle. Daymond’s eminence in the fashion industry as designer and creator of FUBU is testament to his genius business practices.

In the future, Daymond may even design a clothing line just for pets! Stay tuned!  Shark Tank Fridays on ABC !

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